What is your idea of love?

As she falls from the skies, through fluffy white clouds, in perfect slo-mo and lands on a bed of roses — into the arms of her lover, on a yacht, standing in the middle of the ocean and just then, violins strum in perfect harmony as they loose each other in the eyes of the other…

Hells no! If that’s your opinion of love, you definitely need help (I’ll recommend you to stop doing shrooms — effective immediately)

One can’t just decide to be in ‘Love’, its rather a state of mind or a sentiment that blossoms in its own sweet time. Instant, is only lust or attraction. The best place to find love is in the little things people do and in their affection towards the other. It’s a bond that is created over the years. Love isn’t simple and easy, its a lot of hard work!

A few months ago, I met a really funny guy. I had some basic info on him and that was it! When we met for the first time, I felt like I was in the midst of a grilling job interview. With all the boys that I’ve met, the conversation is quite casual and pretty much flows around career, interests, favourite shows and more.

So this guy, he starts off with “Why arrange marriage?” It was a task for me to not break into a frenzied laugh (How many reasons can there be for opting for arranged marriage — simply that it didn’t work out with anyone else!!) One of the funnier questions I was subjected to was in the practical reasoning category, he created hypothetical situations and asked me what my reaction would be if I was subjected to them. Like, “Consider my mother by mistakes, drops an oily towel with some of your new clothes in the washer which ruins all your new clothes — what would you do?” Some questions included a self character assessment, “On a scale of one to ten, how would you rank yourself on affectionate?” Extremely entertained, I answered all of his questions. (I was sure ‘Mr. Very Strict’ was never gonna meet me again)

The first meeting is more of a challenge — the goal is to impress the boy to desire meeting you again, even if you already know he’s a ‘no way’ for you (It’s a way of counting victories). Bingo! He wanted to see me again, in fact we had a series of meetings after — at cafes, bars and restaurants. There was something a bit off about him, but i couldn’t put a finger on it. Slowly I began to realise, he was the opposite of the ‘Hitler’ image he’d painted. In fact he was the tragedy queen who had been through every possible heartbreak, now left a wounded solider (A clingy and needy one). He was too sad about his mom leaving him, dad not loving him enough, old-disabled god parents, divorced sister with child and every other thing.

The fourth time I met him, he sounded pretty sure about me and asked me if I would like to meet his sister — tactfully I managed to tell him to hold off for then (Phew! Take it easy tiger). The next day, I was leaving for a training program for six weeks. While leaving he bid me an overwhelmed goodbye, saying he’d really miss me and those weeks will be very difficult to get on with (Chill brav, you’re behaving like we’re dating for the last 10 years. I’ll be honest, it made me very uncomfortable)

Then onwards was just a downfall — he did the weirdest things. He began with adding me on all social media platforms, not a big deal I thought. Next day I receive a post notification, he had tagged me in a picture of Starbucks where I’d met him — captioned “Starbucks is empty without you” *sad face smiley* (WHAT THE FUCK!) He would message me all day long, and want to talk to me as soon as I got done, I didn’t know how to get him off my back. I was afraid he was sensitive or did not wanna hurt his feelings either. Barely five days into the training, he called me making an excuse of having to attend a wedding in the same city, asking me if I can make time to catch up with him too. No matter how many excuses I made for being busy, he kept insisting — it was really weird. Beyond a point, I put my foot down and refused upfront. Im not sure what he was looking for.

As the days passed, I felt more claustrophobic. One day he texted me, Thank god to Instagram, I can see you all I want before I go to bed…” (Serial killer ALERT!!!) That was it, I had a word with my mother, this harassment had to end. Mom too was stunned at his behaviour and told me to immediately stop communicating with him but I felt like I owed him an answer. All my efforts were in vain. It was impossible for me to put my point across to him. He turned into this scary stalker who would go to any extent to get me to reciprocate.

Finally, I blocked him.

- Miss Man Hunter.

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