Life is majorly about making mistakes, followed by making the most of them by acquiring key learnings. Wrong relationship decisions taken, come back and haunt us in the future (like being captured in the quicksand called arranged marriage).

Barely out of my viral-flu, I was back to catching up my routine (obviously meeting boys is a part of that now). I was scheduled to meet a handsome looking, micro brewer over a poolside dinner at a five star. Keeping the details in mind, I dressed up fairly wearing my new cold shoulder — lacy dress, while going bold with my eyeshadow. I like it simple while being classy!

The evening was panning out quite perfectly (all checkboxes in my mental note were slowly ticked off). He was chivalrous, charming, good-looking, intelligent and he was into beer. Win-win! It occurred to me that maybe, against all odds, I might turn out to be one of those mythical girls — who found her perfect match in the first boy she met (only counting normal, non-liar suitors). Amused with myself, I smirked.

The most awaited part of the evening had arrived, we were ordering desserts. Tiramisu is my most favourite at that restaurant. I found myself daydreaming, imagining life, lust and romance with my Mc Dreamy (BTW, can’t wait for the next season of Grey’s). I snapped out of my reverie on being called out by a familiar voice. OMG, it was a few of my friends at the bar (sucks! such inappropriate timing). Exaggerated reactions were discretely thrown at me while I, with great difficulty, masked my blush.

Scrolling through pictures, as he introduced me to my ‘future family’, his phone suddenly slipped out of his hand and fell into the pool (it was all in perfect slo-mo, everything else froze). Horror fully I looked at him diving into the pool, following it to the bottom of the deep end (like it was a bomb that would detonate on touch down).

Keeping a straight face, I lend my hand to help him out. The next thing I knew, he pulled me into the pool too. Bursting with anger, he cursed me outrageously. OMG, I was in complete shock (who even behaves like that, that too in such a formal setting — its unacceptable) (What a fu****g as***le)!!! He got out of the pool, threw some cash on the table and left. Everyone there was astounded — I couldn’t have been more embarrassed.

My Cinderella story came crashing down like a house of cards. Apologetically his parents called, confessing he was bipolar. It was quite traumatising then, but when I think about it now, I realise how naive I was to think he was the one without really knowing him at all. How can I be such a child? Summing it up, don’t wait to lose something before you realise its value.

Until next time,

Miss Man Hunter.

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