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We work in the same geographic space as Snapchat and YouTube, not to mention a host of start-ups and other companies loosely known as Silicon Beach. So we consider ourselves being “on it” in terms of the latest in marketing, if for no other reason than the newest billboards we’re exposed to while idling in traffic on Santa Monica Boulevard. And that includes what’s happening with marijuana.

Marijuana legalization is marching across the country: today this includes California, Colorado, Oregon, Alaska, Washington, Nevada, Maine, and Massachusetts. Use…

The agency world just lost one of the greats. Wexley School for Girls in Seattle announced it will shut its doors later this spring. For many in the industry this was startling news: a well-regarded creative force with impeccable credentials and a seemingly thriving business closing? The reasons cited, though, were revealing. To paraphrase, the creative business that Wexley entered a decade-and-a-half ago was no longer the creative business they were in today. The advertising world had changed, and they were now in search of a new model.

What is a real new model agency today? That’s…

Imagine sitting in a room and reading the headline that all marketers fear — your biggest competitor just launched a product that might be superior to yours. And, to add salt to the wound, they are THE competitor with a brand name that is known globally (for better or worse…) with a large marketing spend to match.

This happens all the time, but the panic still sets in, your eyes become glued to the reviews and articles coming out on a daily basis…

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When we started publishing on Medium in the fall of 2016, we had zero followers and no promotional budget. We didn’t know if we’d get any readers, but we knew we had something to say.

Our focus was Modern Media Culture. We really did (and do) believe the way people interact with media has changed forever, and not everyone has woken up to this new reality. For example, people today have much more control…

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Every year, we wait with anticipation for the newest John Lewis Christmas spot. For those who are unfamiliar, John Lewis is a department store in the U.K., and its “Christmas adverts” capture the hearts of millions.

10 million YouTube views…and counting.

Meanwhile, Kylie has been more focused on her Christmas list, where TV spots don’t help. For example: last week she came across an Instagram sponsored post by a fashion brand she hadn’t heard of before…

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One year of Kiss & Tell is now on the record.

At year’s end, we have lots to look back on. Two of the biggest themes that resonated for us were:

  1. Entertainment disruption. It only takes looking at Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and Apple’s investments in original content to know change is already here. Plus: Emmy wins and Golden Globe noms abound.
  2. Politics + social. A polarizing presidential election gave birth to an awareness of new trends, including echo chambers, Russian bots, #fakenews, the power…

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In 2017, we are breaking commuting records from Los Angeles to New York, and many places in between. Blame it on housing costs or lack of good transportation, or just a lot of people wanting to live in the same place.

In other words, a lot of us have more time to kill in environments often not conducive to visual media, but very welcoming to audio.

Hello, podcasts.

I’m a relative newcomer to podcasts, so I started asking around for favorites.

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“If you find yourself with writer’s block, then write about that.”

This is good advice for those who swear they have nothing left, or nothing in the first place, or even worse, nothing worth saying at all, which of course isn’t true unless you believe it.

So it comes to what to write about today. At Mistress, we’ve been obsessed with Modern Media Culture for a year, covering the Stranger Things phenomenon and self-driving Ubers, Facebook Watch and chatbots to yes, even cat videos. And more.

We have a lot on…

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Last Friday, it was reported that Chinese company Bytedance is acquiring social video app for $800 million to $1 billion.

What caught my attention was the valuation. is not in the same consideration set as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. On the face of it, this acquisition seems expensive, and my first thought was how crazy that price was.

Historical data can provide some context, so I turned to large-scale acquisitions in or near this space over…

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The best writing is true. The best writing doesn’t need much in the way of adjectives and adverbs or prepositional phrases to give it power.

“I lost my way.”

“You broke my heart.”

Writing needs clarity of purpose…

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