Freaking on the Super Bowl

Kiss & Tell Podcast 004: Super Bowl ad madness: Stranger Things! Hyundai! Honda! Tide! 84 Lumber! Snickers! Plus: live streaming craziness, the politics of Twitter, and more.

by Sewa Adekoya, Todd Lombardo, and Blake Marquis

Welcome to the Kiss & Tell podcast from Mistress Agency, where we never keep a secret. Twice a month, we explore the latest trends in advertising and culture in the 21st century. [This is Modern Media Culture].

This week: everything Super Bowl: the best and worst ads, hijacking zeitgeist, bringing us together, and tearing us apart.


1/The live ads that weren’t live enough.


3/The real story behind 84 Lumber.

4/NSFWireless Phone Sex via Verizon and TMobile on Twitter.

5/Sean Spicer loves The Onion and hates Dippin’ Dots.

6/An Uber exodus.

7/The weirdness of Wynona.

And so much more!

Featuring Designer Blake (Marquis), Digital Todd (Lombardo) and Social Sewa (Adekoya).

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Sewa Adekoya is a Community Manager; Todd Lombardo is a Digital Media Strategist; and Blake Marquis is a Design & Interaction Partner at Mistress.