Getting Giphy With It

What do GIFs and Hip Hop have in common? Or, why communication is becoming so visual.

By David Horowitz

What is a GIF?

A GIF is a visual sample recontextualized and repurposed. GIFs are shared between humans to spark ideas and emotions. Such as happiness, sadness or unfathomable and impending doom. A GIF is an instrument of communication, part of our daily vernacular.

How did we arrive here? Sampling of any medium became common with the birth of hip-hop. Lyrical allusions and repurposed beats helped create an exciting new artform, and a new way to think, tangibly referential. Our language has forever changed, our tools are exponential.

Everyone now has the power to be creative and express themselves in a new, global language. So eat a balanced diet by exposing yourself to all kinds of art, and you will continue to add to what we call modern media culture.




Dave Horowitz is a Producer at Mistress.