Fifteen of the best Vines ever made.

by Sewa Adekoya

Because nothing is good in 2016, Vine is dead. when it first came out, people were like “lol wtf idgi,” but give the youth some time and sooner or later they’ll create something beautiful.

How else would we #staywoke or follow our dreams? Could we remember legends like Steve Jobs and Justin Bieber? And of course, learn what’s on Soulja Boy’s reading list?

Vine was a whole new way to communicate, a 6-second mash-up of inspiration and creativity and heart and soul in video form built for iPhones, paving the way for the rise of Snapchat and Instagram.

Anyways, I’m really upset about it lol :(, so here are just a “FEW” of my favorite Vines, in no particular order.

  1. Back at it again at Krispy Kreme.

2. This one is for the #designers.

3. The next Steph Curry!!

4. What is the meaning of life, D.W.?

5. Don’t touch Zak’s music. Ever.

6. Speaking of Zak, stop! Seriously, stop!

7. Wendy’s Diner.

8. I LOVE Chipotle!!


10. Twin Peaks appreciation vine #1. Twin Peaks appreciation vine #2.

11. True love is a cinnamon apple… or a stick of corn.

12. True love also lives at Burger King.

13. You can find me in hell with Shrek.

Vine was weird, Japanese Vine was weirder, but g-d was it good.

Have a really handsome day, everyone!! I’ll be laugh-crying in a corner.

Sewa Adekoya is a Community Manager at Mistress.