Stuck in Traffic? These Are The Podcasts You Gotta Hear

Kiss & Tell Podcast 008: Gridlock on the 405? Slow going on the 4–5–6? Pass the time with a podcast. Plus, Richard Simmons, the NFL via Amazon, and oh so much more.

By Blake Marquis, Todd Lombardo and Sewa Adekoya

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Where the hell is Richard Simmons? Do you live in an Alabama town where a murder goes unnoticed? Are Hollywood blondes like Marilyn, Jean Harlow and others cursed? Guess what, there’s a podcast for all of ’em (Missing Richard Simmons, S-Town and You Must Remember This, respectively).

One thing we know is podcasts have found a soft spot in our hearts and in our already-crowded second- and third-screen media consumption wheel. And then there’s this rallying cry from the IAB:

“…digital audio ad revenues were responsible for revenues of $1.1 billion last year — an encouraging sign for the booming podcasting industry.”

So find yourself some gridlock and give our latest episode of Kiss & Tell a whirl.

Show notes:

— How are sports changing viewing expectations in our real-time streaming Modern Media Culture? Could a [not so simple] baseball viewing platform from years ago predict cord-cutting, online streaming and the rise of Twitter and Amazon?

— Social media gets real, as we recently watched Mark Zuckerberg tour America, visiting and help build an icon of America at the Ford plant and dine with rural farmers… *cough* 2020.

— Is your event social media ready? It better be…or you are the Fyre Festival, the brainchild of Ja Rule and Billy McFarland, that stole all headlines as the music fest train wreck played out on social media — including this beauty:


Plus more!

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Blake Marquis is a ECD, Partner and Resident Podcaster; Todd Lombardo is a Digital Strategist and Editor, and Sewa Adekoya is a Community Manager at Mistress. Subscribe to Kiss & Tell on iTunes!