This Is Modern Media Culture [#MMC]

The media world in which we live has changed forever. Are you ready?

by Team Mistress

Media Culture” is a term used to define 20th century western civilization, as influenced by the invention of mass media.

In the age of mass media, brands and agencies had considerable power to broadcast messages to large, captive audiences. Today, technology has shifted control of media consumption to those audiences, diminishing the impact of traditional marketing approaches. We refer to this new era as Modern Media Culture.

Modern Media Culture is defined by change, experimentation and evolution. Social platforms are challenging news services, TV viewership and ad dollars. Sports leagues are broadcasting on digital platforms. Super Bowl commercials are becoming digital PR tactics, and algorithms now influence reach. Media companies, brands and even the big telecoms are creating long- and short-form original content, and Amazon is winning Emmys.

Modern Media Culture is not just about technology, it’s about people. It’s how they discover, laugh, and learn; it’s how they stay in touch with friends and find new ones; it’s how they get entertained; it’s how they make decisions for what they want to do today and what they want to be tomorrow; and it’s how they decide what brands they welcome into their lives.

Mistress celebrates this seismic power shift, and we embrace our role in helping brands navigate this new context.

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