Can We Still Be Friends on Nov. 9?

During this election season I’ve made it a point to read and hear opinions from both sides, even though I’d really rather be watching Frasier reruns on Netflix.

And the single saddest thing I’ve seen throughout this election season is the proliferation of the idea that if someone is voting for the candidate they oppose, then that person must be an idiot.

Regardless of whether they’re voting for Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump or a *gasp* third party candidate, I’ve seen many social media threads filled with such disdain and vitriol aimed at those “other guys.”

Well, I have to tell you that my research has proved that the idea is both true and false.

I’ve read extremely intelligent articles, Facebook and blog posts explaining the merits and faults of each candidate, and strong conclusions about why each candidate deserves my vote.

I’ve also read the most incredibly base, stupid rants and threads of people so disappointed that that friend they used to respect can’t possibly deserve their admiration and friendship if they are a Democrat, Republican or third party voter.

I have friends of all political stripes, and I have this message for you:

Come November 8, I will cast my vote.

What I ask of you, my friend, is that you vote with your heart and your mind, not with your prejudice or your fear. That you make the best choice you can to make our home a better place.

On November 8, there’s a 50% chance that you and I will vote for opposing sides. I hope that on November 9, we’ll still be friends.