Life’s Hidden Pleasures: disaster = finding a job

A write up of some notes following The School of Life Sunday Sermon I attended this morning, with guest speaker Theodore Zeldin on the topic of “Life’s Hidden Pleasures”

Theodore Zeldin talking about Life’s Hidden Pleasure’s TSOL Conway Hall 24th Jan 2016

Jobs exist to answer industrial purpose, they’re not geared towards human purpose.

Jobs increase a businesses productivity and makes that business more money.

The idea of living and feeling more alive is fueled by experiences and the amount of the world you have seen.

The more you see, the more you experience arguably the more you have lived. The broader your horizons the more of a life you have had.

The scary thing is, working and becoming a specialist, then becomes the opposite to living.

Becoming a specialist and knowing a narrow field can make you less curious, and curiosity is the enemy of fear. So, the more specialised you become the more chances you have to be fearful towards that you don’t know.

There are potentially three ways to live life — obey, imitate, discover.

Obey; happily follow the rules no questions asked.

Imitate; follow the status quo and look to those authorities figures and imitate their styles and behavior, good and bad.

Discover; find your own unique way and path. Be curious and define what it is you enjoy and continue to follow that path.

Which one sounds more fun? Which one sounds simple and an easy ride?

Be the explorer. Discover as much as you can in the time you have and never stop being curious.

Conway Hall
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