#WordWatching is one of six winning ideas selected in the #PoweredByTweets competition. These are being brought to life at Somerset House by Pixie Labs, bureau de change and Twitter for the London Design Festival at Somerset house.

In the previous post we went into where the idea of #WordWatching originated, once we had the idea we needed to shape an entry to submit to twitter. A one pager which would get them excited about what we wanted to do and stand up against the competition.

There’s two things to consider here:

1) thinking ‘wouldn’t it be cool if…’ isn’t enough.

2) you’re amoungst a stack of entries, do what you can to stand out

We went away and researched a little further around the idea of the evolution of language, is it an intriguing topic? How has it evolved? Where did it begin?

This process meant leaving the brand and marketing hats we wear daily behind a little bit and trying to create and express an idea that is as interesting as possible to a global audience. The aim here was to inspire the judges with the story behind the idea, not push an execution on to them. Chances are there will be budgets involved and many other realistic consideration, for instance the space there is to bring the idea to life.

Then, this is twitter running a competition. The idea needs to compliment their platform and goals, bring their functionality and values to life. As mentioned in the previous post, an idea around words and the role twitter has played in the rapid spread of new language felt like it worked well.

We felt like we had a strong story BUT what about standing out. There was no doubt going to be entries with more experience in briding the digital and physical world than ourselves. We’re not just submitting reams of words but making sure the story is structured.

There wasn’t anything revolutionary within the entry. Just a nice catchy bold title — #WordWatching: the evolution of language, then using the twitter brand colours for the document.

We gave the background to language and the evolution so far from cave paintings to Shakespeare, the different roles language has played. Taking that into the importance of language. Then the tension asking ‘has language evolved to fast with twitter?’ and what has the twitter role been in that evolution and where where is it going now we’re getting so visual. Finally, the ambition of what we would want our piece to show.

We didn’t describe an expectation of what we wanted to see should we go through, we just wanted to offer the stimulation and challenge of an interesting topic to work with.

In the next post we’ll look at how it came to life…

#WordWatching can be seen 21st to 27th September as part of the London Design Festival, Powered By Tweets exhibition at Somerset House, London.

Apologies for any words or languages damaged in the making of this post.

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