Mark Green, founder and CEO of the Marketing Project


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Social Media has become a staple for thriving hospitality businesses. With the continuous rise in technology and social media platforms, The Marketing Project finds it vital to find new ways to dominate and effectively promote restaurants and bars.

At The Marketing Project, we have found that our most successful content is through capturing videos rather than promoting a company flyer. “A simple video is a way to promote the brand during current events for businesses so that they are able reach their target market audience efficiently and compellingly,” said Mark Green, founder and CEO of The Marketing Project.

The Marketing Project has found that overly produced videos and abstract company flyers are not as appealing to a general audience anymore. Videos captured in real time, with the simplicity of the content trying to be persuaded to an audience in mind, is what The Marketing Project has found the greatest success in. “We try to be creative and stay true to the brand, all while maximizing content and remain as captivating as possible through our video dominance to our consumers,” said Green.

The greatest mistake a business can make is to not have reliable people shooting social media content for a company. Staying consistent with the way a business markets and brands their company is what ultimately determines the loyalty and persuasion of clients. The Marketing Project has integrated the importance of relevancy in content and significance of consistency through the approval of owners and managers to bring the most success to a business. Green states, “Your brand will get lost and become unrecognizable if not pre-approved by people who understand the core values of the company being promoted.”

Video promoting on social media is what is generating the most marketing success for businesses. The Marketing Project understands that a general audience is responding to the interaction of videos on social media more positively than a regular company flyer would. Green states, “Video promoting will continue to prosper as it produces the most traffic on social media platforms for businesses, all while keeping our audiences engaged.”