The City that Sleeps

Ask anyone what city first comes to mind after hearing the phrase “the city that never sleeps” and they will most likely respond with New York! And as such, New Yorkers like to think of their beloved city as the city that never sleeps, and I agree. From Times Square to Washington Square Park, the all-night parties, trendy night spots and after parties certainly keep that notion alive.

But, there are others who sleep and they perform this act in many fanciful positions. During the warmer months, the homeless and otherwise disaffected New Yorkers occupy any available space to engage in that most necessary regenerative bodily function so many of us take for granted; sleep.

I put together a few of my favorites here to share.

Only Love Can Break Your Heart

It could be failed love, K2 or bad decisions. Whatever the cause, she could be found in Washington Square Park every summer’s morning in the same position, pink cell phone in hand too.

Sweet Dreams

Outside Madison Square Park, I was drawn in by the childlike pose while asleep.

Sweeter Dreams

Tranquility in the Park. Summer of 2015 in Washington Square Park around 9 a.m.

A Happy Being

I’m beautiful, dammit!! Need I say more?

Under The Milky Way

Washington Square Park on a warm August morning in the summer of 2015.

Flightless Fascination

His total involvement in his sleep suggested he counted every sheep.

Family Affair

When I came across this couple and their dog on the Madison Ave. side of Madison Square Park, I realized that families are homeless too.

No Particular Place To Be

Madison Avenue and 27th Street, motionless and in a donated ski jacket.

Seasons Change

With the cold weather approaching, it is becoming difficult to find the city’s homeless in plain sight. That’s because they have moved indoors; train stations, subway stations, building entrances, any place where warmth can be found.

Those who are facing the one two punch of homelessness and addiction can be found still in plain view.

In Plain View

Almost a fixture on University Place and West 12th, this homeless woman can be found regularly in different sleep positions in this same location.

Although the city’s title is secure, there are some by virtue of their circumstances who sleep, and do so in the open for all to see.