Urban Air Mobility is quite the buzzword in the tech world

UAM was popularized by a host of freshly minted tech millionaires, green from their last IPO but still reminded of their human mortality every time they got stuck in the valley’s unrelenting traffic.

It would be wrong to say that none of the tech gods have thought of building a solution to this trivial problem.

As you read this, the planet’s substrata is currently being burrowed by a certain eccentric billionaire who dabbles in selling (not) flamethrowers to civilians, handing out free ventilators to hospitals beleaguered by an incessant inflow of infected COVID-19 patients and is possibly humanity’s best shot…

2019 has been a crazy year of entrepreneurship, spectacular failures and surprising successes!

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I have always had a strong association of the last day of the year with the date of my birth. There’s no bigger reality check than that of seeing another year elapse, together with the rest of the world. A birthday on the other hand has started to feel kind of individualistic and forced.

For the last 6 years, I’ve always reserved January 31st to retrospect — give the year that’s gone by one last good, hard look. If there’s any year that requires a thorough look through, it has to be 2019. I can say without a doubt that…

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Work in an industry/ domain for long enough and you will soon realize that your ability to understand technical improvements & features can become so finely tuned that keeping abreast of technical advancements in the sector no longer poses a challenge and becomes second nature.

However, what continues to present a sharp learning curve even after spending years in the trenches is the ability to understand how these technical advancements and cutting edge technological breakthroughs are accepted by the market. Ironically enough, even with the most advanced technology, it’s success or failure is determined by the all important human psyche…

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If you’re a business manager, technical manager or a product manager, chances are that you base every decision on a set of performance metrics— KPIs or Key Performance Indicators to the most of us.

As a young product manager, I recall my managers firmly drilling into me two actions to be performed before picking up any project.

  1. Clearly defining the problem statement
  2. Establishing specific and measurable project metrics

Having worked with defining performance metrics for a number of different projects in the e-commerce and fintech space, I always assumed that every factor that goes into listing KPIs can be defined…

We all know that one super overachieving person who exercises, is a superstar at work, plays a sport, composes music and has written a couple of books. Since all of us have 24 hours in a day, how in the world do some people end up achieving more than the others in the same time period?

The answer to that lies in how certain people use their time and what they do to achieve more than the others. Being resourceful with your time can have a very positive effect on the goals that you set out for yourself. …

Here’s how Netflix can dominate it

Netflix in 2019 is a one of the largest players in the entertainment industry. Netflix has full scale video production teams across the world producing some truly high quality content. Though I personally think that their content is great, I’m happy to know that the experts agree with my preference. Netflix productions have won accolades at some of the most prestigious award ceremonies — the Academys, Emmys, Golden Globes and even the Grammys. Netflix’s original content has made its mark on the entertainment world and this is not by accident. …

Here’s what I learnt:

Beating the 🌞

First off, I might have a small advantage because I’ve always been something of a “morning person”. A morning person not necessarily based on my intrinsic characteristic as a person but by the circumstances that have shaped my life. Growing up, I’ve almost always lived in areas that for some reason weren’t remotely close to the places where I worked or went to school. The long, chaotic morning commute ahead of me meant that I didn’t have much of a choice and absolutely had to wake up early so I could make it to class or punch in on time…

With the IPO season approaching, the one question that I get asked about most is what the single best way to monetize a large non paying customer base is. With user adoption being the primary focus point in order to secure Series — B funding, most startup entrepreneurs are left high and dry without a strategy for converting their user base into a stable revenue stream.

The most logical business decision is to move into the freemium market space which brings with it subscription based revenue from the paid subscribers as well as advertising revenue. However, as with most projects…

Digital Rights Management — the sentry of the entertainment industry that uses software to bring accountability to the ownership and distribution of creative content. Certain sections of the industry argue that it is imperative to prevent intellectual property from being copied freely, just as physical locks are required to prevent personal property from being stolen; almost an artistic control if you will.

The cost and complexity of the technology ranges anywhere from multi layered encryption and real time key validation to the simple act of adding a watermark to a piece of digital content. For certain sections of high risk…

Did you know that 57% of a customer’s purchase decision is already complete before the call to the first supplier is made. This means that the traditional role of a sales rep — that of selling a solution to solve a problem is no longer relevant, since customers are already aware of the solution.

To keep up with the increasing levels of awareness among customers, sales reps will have to learn to sell their insight and their ability to educate the customer in order to hook a sale.

The rapidly advancing technological landscape of today brings with it the life…

Marvin Diaz

If it’s not broken d̶o̶n̶’̶t̶ ̶f̶i̶x̶ ̶i̶t̶ break it and build it better! | Drones | UAS Product Management @ Aerologix | Better Everyday — marvindiaz.co

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