Without a Map or a Compass?!

I’ve been told I’m pretty hard headed. I prefer to think of myself as being determined and decisive! OK! I probably am a tad hard-headed! Case in point: The other morning a “parable” of sorts played out and I watched it as if a disinterested third-party, like I was watching vs. experiencing it. Is that clear as mud or have you ever felt that way?

To set the stage: A teammate and I had planned to do some face-to-face marketing with some salon owners that day. I dressed for work in my It Works! “disguise outfit” (green shirt and scarf). Running late, but was going to be a chill day at work, so no worries. Message from teammate: not feeling well today, [so no marketing visits]. Stopped at WAWA for breakfast sandwich and a salad for lunch since we would have just grabbed lunch out together …

Since I was running a bit later than normal, I decided I would head to work using the route that allows me be bypass 2 school zones on the way.

As I’m sitting in the parking lot eating my sandwich, I observe a Facebook post from a friend. Completely disregarded that the accident is along my chosen path to work! And so . . . 5 minutes later . . . I remembered said post.

I don’t know about you, but I eventually catch on! LOL!

I believe in angels. I believe God does, indeed, intervene literally and personally in our lives. Ummmm . . . it was NOT a coincidence that I saw this post when I saw it! I couldn’t help but pause and reflect on the sign I had been given to go a different route as a heavenly communication. My only focus, though, had been on being thankful no one was seriously hurt — I never took the next step to ask myself what the message really meant. I was in a hurry! I was not tuned in! You can call me crazy, but I have no doubt SOMETHING or SOMEONE was making a valiant attempt to warn me — even in this small and insignificant matter! And it got me to thinking about all the times I miss/ ignore/ defy the other warnings, directions, attempted interventions that happen all the time!

These days we are so inundated and overwhelmed with noise, with social media, with the busyness of living! All too often we fail to stop. Breathe. Think. Pray. Today was a small, fairly insignificant example of that truth in my own life! I try to spend my morning time on my deck immersed in the stars, the moon, the sky and in God and His desires and plans for my life. Lately, “life” and “the world” have been intruding even on that time and space.

God calls us and sends us where He needs and wants us to be! As powerful as He is, He is also gracious! He will not force us into anything against our will. Though He rejoices when our will coincides with His! And the world becomes a better place. And our lives become richer and more abundant and blessed.

So don’t be afraid to set out without a map or compass. Pay attention to the signs around you! Stop. Breathe. Pray. And set out!

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