Healthy, Wealthy and Wise

Everybody has heard the old proverb, “Early to bed and early to rise make a [person] healthy, wealthy and wise.”

Of course, this saying dates back to the Bible — Proverbs. And Ben Franklin offered this sage advice in his Poor Richard’s Almanac. When I got to thinking about my first blog post, this came to mind almost immediately. Not sure why, except these three words really describe the journey I’ve been on — and how I’ve been living-early to bed — essential in order to rise early. Early to rise — my “God time.” Wealthy? Blessed beyond imagining — in more ways than just financial! And of course, this phrase sums up It Works! philosophy. And, at least for the team I’m part of, and the circle of friends I’ve always tried to surround myself with, wisdom is just as important as health and wealth!

Healthy —I am on an intentional journey to claim my health! I’m making progress every day and I’m proud of myself! It’s time. I’m ready. And of course, there’s It Works! Global, the company I represent in our side business. It’s a health and wellness company, after all. All our products are natural and plant-based. Wholesome and healing. Perfect for where I am.

Wealthy —I have a wealth of relationships that include my family of origin, my family of “making” and my family of choice — the incredible friends-like-family in my life! I have a great job and strong marriage. I guess a more appropriate word would be BLESSED! I joined It Works! though, because of the unlimited income potential! Blessings of all kinds have been a side benefit.

Wise — personal development, personal development, personal development. Constant — as in CONSTANT. This is not only suggested, but encouraged and recommended and modeled by my team leaders, friends and family— which is great! I’m all about that! And I like to think I’m making progress!

So much to talk about! So much to say! So much I’d love to learn about YOU! I have some really big dreams! I’ll share more about them here. But they’re big — and world changing! I used to believe it was grandiose to think I could have that kind of impact. Now I know that it’s possible for all of us! Each of us is from the divine so why wouldn’t we believe that what we have to share is important! Anyway, it’s those dreams that keep me going! Even on the days I don’t feel like it! I hope you’ll share yours with me! That’s what I love about this format. It can be collaborative!

I’d be honored to have you share this new blogging adventure with me! I’ve missed writing so much and I’m thrilled to back at it! If you know me you know I’m passionate about a LOT of things! I’ll be talking about all those things and more! So check back often!! I just wanted to let you know about my new blog. And if you’re the least bit curious about what in the heck It Works! is . . . pop on over to my website and check it out! 👇👇

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