JavaScript is a Dysfunctional Programming Language
Richard Kenneth Eng

Well I don’t really think this is the right approach to talk about the weak points of JavaScript, like every language there are a lot. Some comments:

  • Functions points to evaluate the work you have to do on web apps?
    A lot of work on Web apps is not only write JavaScript, since that Study doesn’t seems to talk specifically about NodeJS I don’t think you can compare Web development with back-end Web services, since you have totally different concerns.
  • About Typing/Classes, I invite you to watch Eric Elliott’s presentation “Classical Inheritance is Obsolete” ( )
  • Why you need to differentiate between an Integer or a Float in a web application?
  • Discipline is not a necessary a “good thing” is something which a typical engineer is comfortable, a lot of Java “Discipline” is just plain and annoying Ceremony. I’m more comfortable without writing 2 or 3 times the name of a class every time I need an object with a particular behavior.
  • Modules are a solution for complexity, pretty much any library for Modules and ECMAScript 2015
  • 20k LOC seems like a random number…

I think a lot of problems are just people jumping into Web Development without learning the basics, also that we develop a protocol for sharing rich documents… and now we need real time application which should sync with different devices and users for instance. So we are using HTTP, HTML and JS to do things that they are not prepare for.

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