Can data science uncover the secrets to her success?

Whether it’s for some of the most iconic songs that never age like Always Be My Baby, or hitting notes higher than the heavens, or for the inevitability of All I Want for Christmas is You at the first sign of winter, or even for spawning a whole sub-genre of memes, we all know and love Mariah Carey.

Songbird Supreme, Queen of Pop, Queen of R&B, Queen of Melisma, Queen of Christmas, and most importantly Queen of the Lambs, are just some of the titles she goes by, and rightly so, as she has continued to set and break records over a career spanning over 20 years. To say the least, she has topped the Billboard Hot 100 charts with 19 songs, more than any solo artist ever, and is the first ever artist to have a #1 in 4 different decades. Aside from her accomplishments as a singer, she has written and produced almost all of the songs on her albums (18 out of 19 of the aforementioned #1s were penned by her), making her one of the most prolific musicians in the industry of all time. …


Kelvin Tan

Music-obsessed, mathematically-trained. The geekiest music nerd there ever was

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