Instagram for Realtors: Helpful Tips Any Agent Can Apply Today

In today’s digital age, many people have turned to technology for their everyday needs — including buying or selling a home. The rise of technology has forever altered the way the real estate industry operates, a trend that more realtors will begin noticing as they’re forced with the decision to either evolve or lose business. Kathy Connelly of Prudential Georgia Realty referenced the power of the mobile social application when she explained: “The next iteration of online technology will be in mobile access and the utilization of mobile devices. It may be as impactful as the Internet itself.”

One mobile application that has revolutionized the social media landscape is Instagram, which has over 700 million users. A visually-driven platform, Instagram is made up of close to 90% Millennials. As the Millennial generation and its incredible purchasing power has begun to mature, Instagram will continue to be an ideal platform for all realtors. Knowing this, we’ve given you a few tips to help you maximize your results.

1. Post Good Photos

Instagram is virtually all visual, so grabbing your audience’s attention with striking pictures is crucial. Be sure to use a good camera or have professional photos taken so that each image is high-resolution and staged correctly.

You’re telling a story primarily through photos, so be sure that the pictures you post feature not only the beauty of the home, but also any specific selling points. With its excellent year-round weather, Los Angeles homebuyers would surely love to see things like the amazing city views from the deck or that incredible resort-style backyard complete with pool, pergola, and BBQ. Capturing the home’s individuality and amenities will make it standout to prospective buyers on the platform.

2. Use Hashtags to Target Your Audience

Tapping into the power of hashtags is an absolute must as they allow you to segment and specify your target audiences. A prospective homebuyer might begin with a general search such as “real estate”, “home”, or “new home” to begin taking in an overview of available homes. If you have these terms hashtagged, your listing will pop up on their feed.

From there, things can get very specific and targeted. Let’s say you have a home in Los Angeles that you think is perfect for those high-earning Millennial hipsters. What you would do is use hashtags to geolocate and to target specific interests. For example, you would post a cache of the listing’s photos onto a post, then leave a caption with hashtags like “#LARealEstate”, “#Vintage”, “#CoffeeShops” and “#FirstHome”. These may be taglines that these hip homebuyers are searching, and your listing would then be seen by your ideal buyer.

3. Post Daily

Posting daily is necessary for any business or person on Instagram. Doing so will attract more followers to your pages and create higher levels of engagement as users are more likely to “follow” a business or person who posts daily. Obtaining more followers leads to more eyeballs on what you have to offer, whether that is a home or simply expertise and wisdom. Either way, you’re winning.

4. Use Stories and Live Stream

Announcing a live stream is significant since it will prepare users to tune into your live video. You should post a photo of the featured home a few hours before your live stream with a caption announcing you will be going live, along with relevant hashtags. While live streaming the home, your audience can type you questions or comments which you can respond to in real time.

In addition to live streaming your home, you should be using Instagram Stories to build up your following and impart expertise and information about real estate, or just to give them an entertaining glimpse into your daily life. Give users a story to watch each day (they disappear every 24 hours) and you’ll soon find yourself with a growing audience.

Ready, Set, Begin!

Instagram has given realtors an incredible platform to do business on when used correctly. Each day, more buyers are shifting to Instagram to find out who the top realtors are and what inventory is on the market. By implementing Instagram into your marketing strategy, you will access broad and narrow audiences alike in a setting bursting with engagement. Use these guidelines to help maximize your time and results on this revolutionary platform.

Thanks for reading. If you’re a realtor, do you use Instagram? If so, what have been your results on the platform? If you enjoyed reading this article, please hit the heart button below!