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Top 3 Tips for Twitter

As a microblogging platform, Twitter’s essence is essentially engaging, informing, and uniting its users using a short, 140-character tweet. With over 500 million tweets sent each day, Twitter is an optimal social media platform to use in order to interact and engage with consumers. It offers the opportunity for businesses to reach a broad, global audience. With the use of hashtags, businesses can also segment Twitter users and target their message toward a more relevant market. If this is not convincing enough, the platform itself has provided informative statistics to demonstrate the usefulness of implementing Twitter into your marketing strategy:

  • 66% of consumers have found a new small business through Twitter
  • 69% of people have purchased from a small business because of a tweet
  • 94% of customers plan to purchase from the small businesses they follow

With over half of consumers discovering small businesses on social media, Twitter allows businesses to further engage and build a relationship with them in order to retain these customers. When implementing Twitter into your marketing strategy, your tweets cannot be mediocre and ineffective. To ensure you’re tweeting effectively, you should keep these three Twitter tips in mind.

1. Use Hashtags

  • Hashtags categorize your tweet so when users are searching the keyword, your tweet will be easily found.
  • Your hashtags should be one word instead of a whole phrase.
  • Studies have shown that using hashtags in your tweet can double your engagement; although using too many hashtags can have the opposite effect. Use your tags wisely.

2. Provide Links

  • Users are more likely to respond and click on a tweet which provides a link. Click-throughs are positive indications that your tweets are acquiring engagement.
  • When tweeting about a video, blog, special promotion, or website, always provide a link directing users to it for ease of access.
  • Twitter can also be an excellent way to promote any special promotion you may currently have. A link directing to your website will give customers the chance to buy direct.

3. Use Keywords

  • Attention-grabbing words are essential in grasping your audience’s awareness to your tweets.
  • Stating a question or problem at the beginning of your tweet will increase interest and encourage user engagement.
  • Implementing relevant keywords will also make your tweets easier to find when users search on Twitter.

With only 140 characters to make an impression on your audience, it is imperative you execute these three Twitter tips. Doing so will build a following of your target customers, increase your overall market exposure, and increase daily engagement from your targeted audience — all of which will grow your business. What are you waiting for? Begin tweeting today!

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