I mean, seriously, I just loved the hell out of myself I’d be kicking people out “Sorry, dudes, me and me need some hang out time, just the cool kids, you know? Later.”
#1. (and I don’t really have to tell you this, as you’ve already figured it out and it makes me…
Heath Houston

But that’s healthy. If you can’t tell people, once in a while, that you have to look after yourself, you’re setting yourself up to be used.

Why bother if I’m so fucking amazing? Because I want to stand beside someone I find just as fucking amazing as myself, and together we can be something even more fucking amazing. I’m not obligated to console anyone who thinks I’m the key to their emotional and mental health, say. That IS co-dependence and also really tiring. I’d like to trade awesome like atoms sharing electrons instead of sucking awesome from someone else like a leech. Covalent bonds are where it’s at.

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