I think you misunderstand me and I certainly meant no offense or to be condescending.
Kenneth Lynch

I did misunderstand you, then, and I apologize.

To me, reality is mutable. If you don’t like a situation, you have got the choice to try and change it; otherwise, you get to put your head down and comply, and anyone who knows me knows I’m not big on thoughtless compliance! Perhaps I’m more optimistic than I give myself credit for being. Is it daring, then, to hope that personal interaction can produce positive change in the world?

Again, I am not looking to be a corporate maverick. I know better. I won’t reach the top of any ladder and that’s fine. Don’t need it, don’t want it. My definition of success is simply to earn a middling wage and enjoy life. Other people want more. Other people aim for utter minimalism. Chacun ses goûts, as they say. It’s neither right nor wrong to want that. I hope you have got where you wanted to go, or are well on your way.

I’ve been called a bitch myself, which is just about the same thing as “arrogant dick” only for women. I know how to cop to being wrong. It’s just that personal values when it comes to a desirable work environment aren’t the sort of thing I subject to right or wrong. The woman who wrote the article we are discussing mentioned that her work environment wasn’t really working out for her anyway. Best then for her to have been true to her values. Now she can find a workplace that suits her values. I will say, however, that you wouldn’t catch me staying somewhere like that long.

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