Week #7 (52 week writing challenge)

He hated quotes

Oh, the quotes he loathed.

On topics about love and happiness.

Why must they be so damn cheery, when all he wanted was to be dreary.

He would submerge into self-pity and wanted no one’s empathy.

It was going to take more than sappy quotes, for they often got his goat.

Oh, the quotes he loathed.

Whether on a magnet or a bumper sticker, they could not make him snicker.

He was stone-faced cold for all those quotes he loathed.

He would receive greeting cards with sappy inscriptions, but they were not the prescription.

For he felt no one would love him.

Until one day, things turned around, a beautiful woman who calmed him down.

She caught his eye with humor that was quite dry.

This quote about a love he remembered, it gave him the shivers.

It said, you have bewitched me, body and soul and together our love will grow tenfold.

Oh, the quotes he loathed, no more.