I fell in love with a white man, and I made a lot of black people mad.
Ama McKinley

This beautiful story strikes very close to home. My experiences were almost identical only from the black male perspective. I am Jamaican married to a white American woman that loves me unconditionally. I experienced racism because the color of my skin is different. I experienced what I dubbed color-ism because I was too dark. I asked “sisters” out in high school. But what I heard was “I want me a red boned nigga.”

Funny how I became the enemy for not dating black women. I wanted to. The ones I asked did not want to date me. I am not a red bone. My children are. Thank God we love with our hearts and not our eyes. Hence, love is blind. My advice is to love those who love you. The Jamaican motto, “Out of Many One People”. Don’t settle because you feel pressured or to fit in. God bless.

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