Love… Blessing or Obsession???

Sara: “Why you sad Jane?”

Jane: “I think Ronnie is cheating on me and I want to catch him red-handed? Shall we make some plan for that?”

Sara: “Why would you think that?”

Jane: “I am thinking that because he doesn’t have time for me, and he comes home late.”

Sara: “You confront him instead of making plans. What you are doing is obsession.”

You could easily relate to this conversation between Sara and Jane…right? Love is the feeling that brings smile to your face. The feeling that gives you butterfly in your stomach while listening his or her name and that pink color that dominates the color of your cheeks while thinking about them. However anything which is excessive is called obsession and obsession is neither good for us or for your partner. Youth and adults, now-a-days are facing this problem because of fear of rejection and peer pressure. But obsession is not an option while talking about love, because true love is the one that helps you being better, not bring you down. It is supposed to make grow, develop and nurture, not destroys you. This happens because of low self-confidence or low self-esteem. When a child faces lack of love or understanding, he seeks that from outside. He requires surety that he is lovable and he is going correct.

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