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Here’s a scenario: You and a group of your friends are sitting in a circle eating lunch in a cafe. In the midst of the conversation, one of your friends explains… “I think Justin dislikes me.” You listen to your friend’s thoughts around why he believes this is so. …

How I went from studying computer science to running a school for growth management.

A screenshot from class. We’re going over FB Ads.

The College Era

I set one goal for myself going into my freshman year of college at Purdue University:

I wanted to be self-reliant by the time I graduated.

As I was finishing up my freshman year, I knew that something had to change. I felt out of place because college was not where my heart was.

I wanted to make something, and college wasn’t scratching that itch.

A few months before starting my sophomore year, one of my friends invited me to come to a weekend conference for the Thiel Fellowship.

It was an eye-opening experience.

During this weekend I met a…

By: Mehak Vohra

While working on a project, I wanted to use GraphQL to query my Firebase Realtime Database. After a few hours I finally figured it out, so I thought I’d share since there doesn’t seem to be much online about this.

This guide assumes you have a basic background in Node, GraphQL, Firebase, and using a CLI.

Table of Contents:
Setting Up Your Firebase Project
2. Creating Your Server
3. Making Your Schema
4. Start Mapping Through Your JSON Object
5. Create Your Converting Function
6. Finish Mapping and Run

Setting Up Your Firebase Project

To get started, let’s set up your…

A new way to see your LinkedIn content and lead analytics

Jamocha CLS Home Screen

At Jamocha Media our goal isn’t to only help you create great content and build your personal brand. We also want to help you generate leads for your business.

For the past six months, we’ve been focusing internally on how we can build the tech to scale and grow our LinkedIn Elite Program.

For the past two months, current clients of our program have been able to log into our dashboard to check the status of their content and also keep track of invoicing.

I’m in Cascais, Portugal at Boca de Inferno (October 2018)

Hello! I’m Mehak.

I’m the founder of OnDelta. We’re a 12-week remote academy for people looking to kickstart their career in growth management.

You can apply here if you're interested.

Some fun facts about me

👶🏼 I grew up in Morgantown, WV.

💻 I majored in Computer Science at Purdue but dropped out after my sophomore year.

🏛 In 2017, I ran for mayor of San Francisco. I currently hold the record for the youngest person to run in the city’s history.

🏠 Currently, I reside in San Francisco.

Holy sh*t what a year.

This was the first year of my life that I look back on it and think…

“Damn, what happened?”

So much. So much happened.

I’ve grown so much in the last year. I’ve met so many incredible people, and Jamocha Media is nothing like how I started it in 2015.

We’ve relaunched. Jamocha Media is no longer a one man show, and that’s so insane to me.

There are so many other things that happened this year, so I compiled it into a list (with links).

Check it out.

  1. Fostered kittens with the SFSPCA


When I started Jamocha Media two years ago, I never could have imagined where we’d go, and where we’d be today.

The vision for Jamocha Media when we first started it, was to create a voice for startups that we thought were innovative. It has always been about forming conversations and building a narrative around innovative startups. But, what if we did things differently?

Our New Logo

Today I’m excited to announce that we are launching a couple of new things that move us away from being an agency, and more into being a media company.

Our goal is the same as it’s…

As many of you saw, over the weekend, an elderly doctor was scheduled to fly on United Airlines from Chicago to Louisville. The story has taken mainstream by a storm. In the video footage, he’s treated horrendously and dragged off the flight, only to come running back onto the flight disoriented and bloodied.

When I first saw the footage Monday morning, my first reaction was to naturally to be angry at United Airlines! How could a corporation treat their own customers like that? From what I’ve learned, that’s not how you run a business.

As an airline, if you’ve overbooked…

Dammnnn 2016, you cray cray! A few days late, but I can’t officially move forward into the new year without reminiscing about the past one.

I was given the opportunity of a lifetime this year, to leave school and try things on my own. I’ve grown more personally and learned more professionally than I could have ever imagined.

I want to first address my goals from 2016:

#1 More YouTube videos. This is happening. More. 1 video a month is not cutting it for me.

I started my daily vlogs this year. My friends and I grew watthemehak from less…

2015 is close to coming to an end. As I sit in this lovely Starbucks, I can’t help but reflect on the last year. 2015 was the year I grew. I found myself and I cut the drama that I didn’t need.

If there is one thing that I want to take into the new year, it’s to keep doing me. I’ve taught myself to step out of my comfort zones. I’ve traveled a lot. I’ve found a new community of people in hackathons. …

Mehak Vohra

CEO of OnDelta | On a mission to create the next generation of marketers.

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