Bop it: The Aim of the Game

Whatever happened to bop it? Remember that toy that came out in 1996? Bop It was a great toy to build your reflex skills. I was never a Bop It genius but that didn’t stop me from bopping it like the true eight-year-old bop it enthusiast. For the uninitiated, get on it. It’s on Amazon prime and can be on your doorstep in no later than 48 hours.

Recently, though, I have heard “bop it” make its way into popular culture. Well, not “popular” culture, but a friend of mine has been so kind as to explain the bop it sensation. She explained how it started with a conspiratorial verb, “let’s bop this conversation” at the dinner table to a more objective noun, “Well Watson, this most certainly qualifies as a bop it, wouldn’t you agree?”. Sometimes bop it conversations can get quite heated, spiraling into a passionate debate where neither side will forfeit under any circumstance. Finally someone will exclaim, “if we don’t bop this conversation I am going to leave the table!”. Then, and only then, will someone pass the potatoes.

What is a bop it conversation? It is a conversation that is so heavily laden with portmanteaus of personal opinion that the conversation is over before it started.

Topics include but are not limited to: racism, sexism, chauvinism, republicans, Healthcare, Obama, Beyonce, Miley Cyrus, Zionism,taxes and oh so many more topics. This is not to say that these conversations should never be had, but it is to say that careful attention should be paid to who you are having these conversations with, if you are open to hearing an opinion about this topic of conversation without flying into a paroxysm of rage, why is this conversation being had, and where the conversation is leading. In other words, if the conversation is not consisting of two people genuinely interested in sharing understandings perhaps rethink the conversation or better yet, avoid it altogether. If the conversation is a dead end, you know what to do: bop it.

A few weeks ago I was in the bath, my favorite place to be, when I had a bop it thought.

This was a thought that I understood immediately to be futile, categorized generally under negative self-talk. Thoughts are like fluid pathways in your mind, as you think them they lead you to the next thought, ultimately leading to the umbrella of broader consciousness. Cognitive behavioral therapy works a lot with changing these pathways so that we recognize our distorted thought patterns and replace them with realistic ones. I had a bop it thought in the bath and I did something unique, I snapped a metaphorical rubber-band on my brain. I was able to stop a negative thought before it flowered into a thought-path I didn’t wish to travel because I knew better. I bopped the thought, and it was no more. Sure it came back to me three minutes later, and I bopped it again. I remember with the Bop It game, though I never became the family champion, I certainly got better, beating my own highest score on the daily. I’m excited about real life Bop It- I most certainly will get better at bopping negative thoughts in the bath if I stay focused on the aim of the game.

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