Read Out These 7 Reasons on Why You Should Have An E Commerce Store?

May 22, 2018 · 4 min read

The BRICK AND MORTAR stores always have one question in their mind.

Should we build an online store if our business is doing this well?

Well yes! As a small business owner, you should definitely give it a chance to sell online. If you need any kind of motivation for the same then let me tell you that the worldwide eCommerce sales are expected to grow to $4 trillion by 2020.

Also, there are other benefits too, read out the benefits of eCommerce that will surely drive you to build an online store.

Read the article and I am sure you will not be left with any reason for not opening an eCommerce store, these advantages will keep you motivated through your whole journey.


The first and foremost benefit of an eCommerce store is the low setup cost. There are several online store builders who help you to start your store with just a thousand bucks.

I am sure you might have invested a handsome amount into your physical store from designing the storefront till inventory management with the rent of the location. But an online store does not require this much of dollars.

With online store builders, no need to worry about the cost all you need to is find the best suitable designs for your online store and an ideal Content Management System to handle all your inventory.

I am sure your store logo will be more affordable than your store sign.


One of the most beneficial reasons why it is recommended for small business to open an online store is the timing.

You are no more bound by the clock, your store will always be open to business. With an online store, you can even make a sale at 3 AM in the morning. This advantage attracts more customers and drives more sales. Most of the storefronts have the time to 10 AM to 10 PM but an online storefront is always open for your valuable customers.


Just a bit of paperwork and sooth your international customers with your products. Without this barrier, international brands have been able to make this big in different countries.

You get the ability to discover audience whether you are in UK, USA or other neighboring countries.


Giving personalized experience to the customers is one of the best advantages of any online store.

A “WELCOME BACK” message with makes your customer feel wanted and overwhelmed. You can target customer with what they had surfed on your online store with an ad for a product that they have added to their cart.

As an online store manager, you can look up to customer behavior and suggest them more items and related offers. Choose related website templates & themes with the best one available online and give your store a personalized look.


This is one of the major advantages of running an online store. You do not need many employees at the launch.

You can tie up with shipping agencies and logistics agencies to handle the related stuff. Also, you can outsource the work to virtual assistants in different countries.


Retargeting works well with online stores. Retargeting with ads is one of the most profitable tactics for eCommerce benefits. Target with social media ads for those who any visit your store and do not buy stuff.

In eCommerce retargeting works well with those who leave their cart abandon, collect their email addresses and continue marketing.


Believe me, scarcity tactics always work well. Show the customer how much value the product is and they may lose the deal.

Putting up a timer will make the user take-up impulse decision and make a purchase.

These were some of the basic advantages that I found convincible to start an online store. There are other advantages too such as you get access to user data easily, you can scale up your business in a short duration of time and growing business is not a difficult task with organic content and correct digital marketing strategies.

If you have any question related to how to start an online store or other than write me in the comment section.


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