Dear Senator Sanders: I’m with You in the Fight Ahead
David Brock

How nauseating. I read this piece three times and all I want to do is vomit. It takes a massive amount of nerve to come out here, with your gold plated hat in hand, trying to act all contrite and “Let’s All Let Bygones Be Bygones.” AYFKM? You’re an insincere jackass and it shows. When history finally demonstrates, for all to see, the depth of the scummy, underhanded, propagandistic bullshit mind-fuckery you and your paid army of slimy, petty, name-calling, narcissistic, traitorous little Internet trolls foisted on this country’s legions, including far too many young men and women to count, then and only then will your ruinous tactics be avenged. Your saintly, lying candidate, under your tutelage, lost this election to the first POTUS with so little self-control he can’t stop shooting his mouth off on a fucking Twitter page. YOU lost for one reason and one reason only: You’re a loser and so was that vile woman you forced on us, the woman whose family is a criminal institution. Thank the Flying Spaghetti Monster that people didn’t buy what you were selling, because you have destroyed the Democratic Party just as sure as night follows day, just as The Tea Party was contrived to destroy the Republicans. You have rendered our chances of ever carrying on the legacy of Franklin Delano Roosevelt in this country completely null and void and that is unforgivable.

Now, if that was your actual goal, congratulations, you scumbag, I hope you laugh all the way to the bank — just make sure you live it up now, because Karma is coming for you. and when it does, I will celebrate your death, you craven whore. If there’s really a Hell, best you plan on rotting in it. If you really want anything resembling “forgiveness” from the actual LEFT of the party you’re supposed to represent, then just sit down and shut up. And stop misappropriating the word “Progressive”, you and your Candidate and your little troll army are as polar opposite of the word as a person can possibly be.

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