Becoming Who You Have Always Wanted To Be

How To Achieve Your Goals in 2020?

Personal Coach Denver
Personal Coach Denver
Personal Development Begins in the Mindset

Personal Development is the foundation to who you are becoming.

If today is the day you decide to change and start the journey on becoming who you have always wanted to be, then here are a few things to keep in mind that can help you on your journey.

Know Who You Are In This Moment Now

One of the first steps into personal development and radical life transformation is the process of Self-Discovery. We must first understand who we are and who we believe ourselves to be.

This is critically important.

Although similar, these two interpretations are different. One is the actual current state of who we are, this is a deep level interpretation of our inner self and our internal nature. The other is a interpretation of who we believe ourselves to be. This is the residual self-image that is portrayed within the character of personality and social appearance.

The discovery of these two versions of yourself get us to a starting point. A place where you can now identify the systems and mechanisms in your life that produce your current outcomes and impede the growth that you desire.

Once at this point, we can begin the process of Mindset Transformation.

Mindset Coaching Online
Mindset Coaching Online
Transformation Begins in the Mind

The Mind is an interesting thing…

Your mind, when left untamed, is the dominate factor that effects your everyday life and ultimately your long term goals, desires and expectations. If you want to live a life that is different from who you are today, from the various versions of yourself, then you need to start thinking differently.

What are the factors that determine what you think?

  1. Environment — Your environment is a big factor in how you think. It has molded and shaped you into who you are today. If you were unaware of this influence, it simply means that you life has been created by reacting to the world around you and not engaging your own creative nature.
  2. Belief System — Your belief system is the foundation of your thoughts and influences. There are many things that effect it and that have constructed to where it is today. In understanding that belief is more than religious, philosophical and instead that our beliefs are simply perspectives and decisions, we can begin the process of changing them so that we can produce better outcomes.
  3. Decision — The word belief is synonymous with decision. Simply because we choose to believe a mental interpretation of how we perceive the world to be, not how it actually is. This means that our beliefs are decisions we make internally based on our level of understanding of reality, consciousness and interaction.

Becoming Who You Have Always Wanted To Be

If you can identify who you are and who you perceive yourself to be in this moment, then you have entered the doorway to Self-Transformation and Personal Development. It is from this point that you begin the journey of becoming who you have always wanted to be.

This means you must sit down and design your life. Here are the 5 Steps to take today to transform your life, income and move towards a state of more joy and happiness.

Whether this is for your business or your personal, it works the same way.

mindset coaching blog
mindset coaching blog
Interested in Personal Development?

Words Matter

  1. The first step you can do today is to write down in a journal the things you want to accomplish this year. Think Big and do not limit yourself. But write them down and be incredibly detailed.

Visualize Your Life

2. The next step is to take 15 minutes out of your day. Whether it is right before bed or in the morning, just try to make it the same time everyday. Imagine yourself after you have accomplished these goals. Imagine how your life is. Imagine what it felt like to complete the steps. Place yourself in your future you’s shoes and feel the psycho-emotional state of accomplishment and happiness of your future self.

It’s The Law

3. This is very simple. I call it being proactive and we need to make this a daily habit. Whether we are religious or not, there is a dominating law in the Universe when it comes to mind. Whether it is based on an actual integrative function of reality or if it is completely mental, it doesn’t matter because it works. This is the Law of Sowing and Reaping, Giving and Receiving. It is simple and easy to understand. Before you can receive anything in life you must first give. In this step I want you to give something of yourself everyday.

Whether this is attention, help, support, emotion, give it in a positive manner and do it freely and with gratitude. One thing to remember, this is not a monetary giving. We are not giving money here. If someone is hungry, feed them.

Beneficial Action — Minimum Standard Performance

4. The fourth step is something you should do everyday.

It is called Minimum Standard Performance

In order to accomplish big things in life and business we must have big goals. Personal Development as a whole is about positive and constructive growth of an individual internally that reflects its results externally.

To bring these big goals into reality there is a certain amount of influence and action one must do in their daily life to bring about these results. I want you to think deeply about what actions you must take on a daily basis to accomplish your big goals.

Take these actions and influences and place them on a list of which you must complete each and everyday. Make it a game. If you accomplish the list, reward yourself. Print them out and keep them with you all day. Set aside time within your day to accomplish them.

This is your Minimum Standard Performance that when followed will bring about the outcome you have attached to it.

Mindset transformation Coaching
Mindset transformation Coaching
Business Mindset Coach

Give Me Something To Believe In — Brett Michaels

5. I think Brett Michaels from the Rock Band Poison said it best with their hit song “Something to Believe In”. We all need something to believe in. But when it comes to personal transformation and positive progressive change the first thing level of belief on the foundation of who we are must be the belief in ourselves. The mental understanding that we can become better than who we are or the psycho-emotional state of Self-Confidence. This is established by reinforced Positive Self Motivation.

In my practice I call these Power Words and Power Phrases, they are also known as Affirmations. On the front pages of that new journal you bought, write out 3 to 5 Power Words, Phrases or Affirmations that light the fire inside you to become more than who you are. These words should have significant meaning in your life and draw a certain level of emotion.

How to use Power Words…

Takes these words, phrases or affirmations and make them a part of your daily life. Connect them directly to the outcomes, big goals and overall transformation you are wanting. When you do your visualization session in the morning, make sure these power words are included with the outcomes as you perceive them. Set daily reminders with your phone alarm or calendar to occasionally remind you of these power words. Silently recite them to yourself throughout your day. Carry a piece of paper on your person that has them written out. These words are the written links to your Big Goals, Minimum Standard Performance and Imagination. Think of it as the rope that ties it all together.

Continuous and Never Ending Improvement (CANEI)

Personal Development is the continuous and never ending improvement of who we are. Whether you realize it or not, you and everyone around is in a continual state of change. The polarity and direction of that change is ultimately up to you.

We are the directors of our own movie. The conductor of our internal orchestra. As said best by Ernest Henley in his famous Poem Invictus

“I am the Master of my Fate, I am the Captain of My Soul”.

Personal Development is a choice, a decision. You are either moving forward or being passed by. The choice…is yours.

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Joshua is a Transformational Mindset Coach and Business Consultant. He has over 25 years of study, practice and teaching in Personal Development, Mind and Body Coherence, Leadership Cultivation, Business Growth Strategies and Optimal Mindset Development.
He has a unique approach to coaching where he is able to elaborate complex and integrative concepts into easy to understand models. Coaching is a long process and requires massive amounts of energy and commitment from the client and the coach.
Joshua brings an intense positive energy and awareness to each client as he develops trust based relationships and high levels of emotional and mental communication. He can quickly shift client paradigms and unmask mental and emotional obstructions. This removes the power from pain derived emotions that can shroud our mental state and impede our personal and professional development.
When it comes to self-growth, personal and professional improvement and shifting mindsets. Joshua has the unique ability to transcend the ordinary and bring about positive effective change within someones life.

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