Faith Vs. Expectation

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4 min readOct 2, 2019


Faith-Complete confidence or trust in someone or something

Expectation- A strong belief that something will happen, or be the case in the future.

When it comes to developing your mental strength you must fully comprehend the difference between Faith and Expectation.

Many teachers, all who have different philosophies within this area of building the mental muscles will tell you that faith is one of the top prerequisites.

If you are like me, when you hear the word faith, an image of the many religions of the world pops in your mind. Although this is not what many of these teachers are trying to represent, it is how it is visualized. To some this can be a problem.

The Problem with Faith…

Faith by all means is not a bad or negative thing. When I say here that there is a problem with it, I mean only within the meaning that is held within the mind of some.

If you grew up in a religious family, it has been ingrained within your mind that faith is blind, not based on causality. It is a leap off the bottomless cliff. Based completely off of things that seem unimaginable and incredibly difficult to prove. It requires complete surrender and devotion.

For too many faith comes across with a sense of fear and doom.

I am willing to bet that many today who have faith within a religious context, have this faith only because of the thoughts of fear brought about if they didn’t.

This is what we call, “fear of the unknown” or FOTU. It is the most prevalent illness known to man. Everyone suffers from it at some point and most never recover.

Now, if you are a religious person reading this. Please don’t be offended. I am not saying there is no God or that Religion is false. I am merely stating that the word faith has been aligned with a very negative relevance within our subconscious mind. This association with the word needs to be changed in perspective.

Trust is paramount in building Mental Faith

It is incredibly important that we understand this because as we learn to master our minds and obtain success in life we all the negative associations with positive ones. I call this building mental faith.

If our mental faith is tarnished or lays in a negative context. We are doomed from the start.

Although, if our mental faith is built on a foundation of trust and positive association, there is not anything we can not accomplish.

The Law of Expectation

Everything in the world is as it is because you expect it to be that way.

You expect it to be that way, simply because it has always been that way.

Consensus reality is a paradigm we all live within.

The genetic coding within our system has over many years of evolution determined that our external world is as such and has specific attributes.

This same genetic coding has formulated our sense functions into operating at the most efficient and effective level of survival. This would be why we see the color spectrum that we see. Or why we hear only a certain range of sounds, feel the differences between hot and cold, etc.

Expectation is a programmed function within the universe of your mind. It is based primarily upon evolutionary tendencies and secondly on social, cultural and environmental conditioning.

The Marriage of Faith and Expectation

Every moment of every day we must convince ourselves of certain truths. These truths, when accepted will become the foundation upon our level of mental cognizance.

How do we garner faith in something?

We do it through the expectation of results.

There is no better way to convince yourself of a truth, than by proving it to yourself through action.

There is no expectation without faith.

Faith, simply is the truth of the universe made manifest.

It is complete trust that the process that brought about all of creation will continue tomorrow. Expectation is faith made manifest.

What I mean by this is that you expect the world to be there when you wake up. You have faith that this will happen. Therefore, you expectation is your faith coming into reality.

Now, if you understood that correctly. You have now realized the biggest, greatest secret known to mankind. This is the same secret that has been talked about and passed about in books, movies and seminars.

Your reality is manifested by your faith and expectation, of which have been conditioned by what you believe.

Who is in control of your faith and expectation?

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