The Creation of Adam | The Mental Interpretation

Da Vinci was a Master at many things. A brilliant mathematician, phenomenal artist and inventor. Although there is one side of Da Vinci’s genius that is often overlooked and that is the dissemination of Symbolic and Esoteric Knowledge within his Masterpieces.

I am a student, researcher and practitioner of the Mind. It fascinates me beyond anything else the whole experience of reality and how consciousness is and acts. My philosophy has many deep roots within various religions, esoteric structures and what could be called mystery schools. This has molded my Mindset to notice things and see things differently, literally by design.

What if within Da Vinci’s “Creation of Adam” there was more than just an interpretation of the Hebrew creation story….

What if there was more than a hidden brain carrying God….

When you begin to study ancient knowledge you start to understand that there is this underlying philosophy of duality. That the Universe at its most fundamental state is in a sense dual.

One day when I was pondering this exact thought and the concept of God formulated within my mind.

Then this reminded me of this amazing painting…

To understand this interpretation we have to see through the eyes of the painter. A genius of a man, well versed within mythology, philosophy, religion and most of all ordained within the Sacred Mysteries of the Mind.

The Mind is Dual. It is made up of the Conscious and the Subconscious aspects. Within the subconscious mind, as professed by Carl Jung are various archetypes that manifest as personality.

In many ancient teachings, religions and even today in modern myth we here the number 12 repeated many times in reference to things like the “Houses of the Zodiac” or “12 Main Gods in Greek mythology”, Odin had “12 Sons”, Christ had “12 Disciples, there are the 12 Imams in the Islam faith.

This number is not a coincidence. All of these references are simply esoteric representations of the same thing.

Now I ask, how many children did Da Vinci paint beside God?

12 would be the correct answer…


The sheet that wraps around God and the Children…is shaped just like a brain…

Gods finger just barely misses Adams…

What is of the arms of the man underneath Adam?

Where is the focus of the eyes of God and Adam? Look at the focus and eyes of the children.

What God is represented as…

There are two Gods represented in the Old Testament. They were Jehovah and Elohim. Each one carried “his” own set of personality traits. Jehovah was a judging and merciful God, who wanted to be worshiped and was jealous of other Gods. Elohim was a loving and caring God. One who nurtured, sustained and as it is defined, was the God of many faces. In the Bible, the layman is meant to believe that these are representations of the same deity. That Jehovah and Elohim are the same God just different expressions.

The writers of the Bible, much like Da Vinci’s painting here were trying to show us some very deep hidden knowledge about ourselves. This revealing is done through a veil of secrecy where the code breaker must know the combination to unlock the secrets.

Now back to this amazing painting by Da Vinci.

We will start with Adam…

Adam represents the Conscious Mind. Underneath him, the arms of the underworld, representing his ignorance. Which is the foundation of his seat (place in the world) and his nakedness (knowledge).

Adam acknowledges the existence of God, or at the least Gods finger. We can see this by his eyes which are trained to the point of interception. Although, Adam’s finger is not extended. His arm is instead resting on his knee and he is putting forth little effort to make contact with God’s finger.

The Conscious Mind is the representation of Jehovah. It is the seat of Ego. It is the place of ignorance. Only the ignorant can be judging of others, merciful and jealous. Another name for Jehovah was “he who shall not be named” and rightfully so. The Conscious Mind is not named because it is the one we identify with as me.

So what about God and the Children…

God represents the Subconscious Mind and Elohim or “God of Many faces”. Your subconscious mind is the one who sustains your life, it keeps the heart beating, lungs breathing, it regulates and nourishes the body. It’s movement is lifeward and it is the seat of all your belief and knowledge.

The children, as well as any mention of 12 in any religion or mythology are references to the 12 mental states of expression. These are predictable psycho-emotional personalities that all of us human beings have within ourselves. Think of it as a personality operating system. These are contained within the subconscious mind and are all represented within our current Mindset, yet all at varying levels of expression.

Why do the fingers not touch…

There is always a thin veil of separation that keeps us from knowing our true self. Our subconscious mind, as shown by the eyes of God are focused on this veil. It is waiting for us to wake up, stop being ignorant and make the connection. For the ultimate relationship, the greatest marriage, the most important conversation is the one you have with yourself.

This painting “Creation of Adam” is about Man’s potential within the discovery of himself. His nakedness, his ignorance, the throne of the underworld he sits on is a temporary place. For when he makes the connection and break the veil, he becomes the Master of his mind by understanding the foundations of who he really is.

We would like to believe that everything in this world is meant to distract us. When in actuality everything in this world is meant to wake us up.

Our Mindset is the filter of action and the screen of perception. We see reality only how we believe reality to be. Therefore, all distractions are nothing more than self-produced inconsistencies within reality meant to capture our attention away from something we deem important and begin the focus on that which we are missing.

Da Vinci truly was a genius. In this great work of art he showed us that the veil of reality is that man lays within ignorance, naked within his own laziness. While our inner mind, our lifeward mind is continually trying to wake us up to our own greatness.

Joshua Robert Reid

About the Author

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Joshua is a Transformational Mindset Coach and Business Consultant. He has over 25 years of study, practice and teaching in Personal Development, Mind and Body Coherence, Leadership Cultivation and Optimal Mindset Development.
He has a unique approach to coaching where he is able to elaborate complex and integrative concepts into easy to understand models. Coaching is a long process and requires massive amounts of energy and commitment from the client and the coach.
Joshua brings an intense positive energy and awareness to each client as he develops trust based relationships and high levels of emotional and mental communication. He can quickly shift client paradigms and unmask mental and emotional obstructions. This removes the power from pain derived emotions that can shroud our mental state and impede our personal and professional development.
When it comes to self-growth, personal and professional improvement and shifting mindsets. Joshua has the unique ability to transcend the ordinary and bring about positive effective change within someones life.

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