The Romantic Galaxies

Astronomers predict that in about 4 billion years our Milky Way Galaxy (M) will collide with the nearby Andromeda Galaxy (A). As they collide and swirl into each other, however, any stars and their solar systems will not actually collide since there are such vast distances between them.

I thought this was a rather boring conclusion of an astounding, intergalactic event, so I began to think about what might happen beyond the scientific intermingling of these cosmic titans…

Like two lovers having locked eyes across the room, M and A advance towards each other in mere moments, their destiny to mate is sealed. They meet, and M reaches into A with his spiral arms. She rebukes him with all the force of the supermassive black hole at her core. M circles around her, having caught one her fingers, and lets the undeniable gravity between them pull him close again.

A becomes excited by the dance, and she pulls back into M with surprising force. M hesitates as he sees bits of his own matter being flung out into the void, while the dance becomes ever faster and faster. M is transforming: for though he has released some parts of himself, he has gained infinitely more. A is transforming: the concession that she would roam the cosmos alone has been replaced by the promise of an endless journey with a partner.

Soon, M and A have disappeared completely. Their souls forever dance around each other, but their celestial matter has merged into a being beyond either of their imaginations. The galactic child now begins its own adventure.

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