What Hope Looks Like

I looked forward for a long time
Through a narrow tube stuck to my eye.
Should sight lend itself to faith,
My book had few and fellow themes.

Until the whirlwind
Swept me up into dizzy sickness
And slammed me broken on a peak I’d never been,
Knocking my tube forever lost.

When I awoke, this is what I saw:

The clouds ahead shimmered like diamonds.
Behind them, the sun about to rise and
Shatter the sky with a luminous rain.

I saw this not with eyes
But from a space between the heart and stomach
Where an endless span of vision begins.

I crawled backward toward a nearby cave,
Ill with beauty and new feelings,
And prayed for a smaller world.

But the sun broke its line
And set the sky ablaze with colors and lights
That only dreams dare see.
This, I hear inside, is what hope looks like.

The world is brighter and different now
So much that it seems a new person has taken this body
And sees familiar things for the first time.
How strange and unexpected this rebirth.

– Samuel Shenova