#MetaHash and the Blockchain 4.0

Jun 9, 2018 · 2 min read
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The world found out what is blockchain back in 2009 when the most-famous cryptocurrency Bitcoin introduced it. 4 years later, in 2013, Smart contracts system was introduced by 2nd most popular cryptocurrency Ethereum and it became blockchain 2.0. Last year, EOS and other similar coins emerged introducing higher performance and better consensus, and crypto-enthusiasts labeled them as blockchain 3.0. So what’s going to happen next? Blockchain 4.0?

We often mentioned that #MetaHash is a next-generation network on blockchain 4.0 technology, but what does it exactly mean? How different is the 4th version of blockchain from previous ones and how did #MetaHash manage to upgrade its network to the latest version of this technology? Answers to this and other questions will be revealed in this article.

#MetaHash has its own blockchain, called #TraceChain protocol. Here are several reasons why #TraceChain belongs to the 4th generation of blockchains:

  • All the best features of 3rd generation blockchain (faster consensus, ultra-fast transaction confirmation) are included.
  • #TraceChain uses multi consensus voting on node roles, supported by the multiPOS (Multivote Proof of Stake) principle.
  • Full decentralization and full synchronization.
  • High bandwidth, that allows the network to keep transaction prices low because it has sufficient resources to process more transactions per unit of time. The lower the transaction price, the more potential customers are interested in using the platform to store their financial transaction info and technical data.
  • Possibility to convert any Ethereum ERC20 digital asset (token) into #MHC and transfer it to the #MetaHash network, or convert it back.
  • Possibility for shops to instantly accept payments in #MetaHash digital assets.
  • #MetaHash block anchors in the Bitcoin and Ethereum networks.

Competition is high and the crypto-market is constantly changing and improving, technology development is not stopping. Demand for a better ecosystem where users themselves will decide how they want to manage their assets and what kind of applications they want to create requires better supply. #MetaHash is introducing a game changer and is aiming to innovate the blockchain in 2018. Fast, safe and decentralized network will prove to be reliable for everyone.

In order to learn more about the project, you can read the white paper at https://metahash.org/docs/MetaHash_WhitePaper_EN.pdf

Or download and test out the MainNet at https://metahash.org/#metagate

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