How to live a more PLASTIC FREE LIFE by using alternatives

The Metal Straw
Jun 15 · 3 min read

Plastic is permanent and will be here for centuries, so if you are an ocean and earth lover it's time to say goodbye to plastic. We all know the devastating effect it is having on the life and beauty of our oceans, rivers, lakes, marine animals, forest animals, birds and plants that all play a very important part in human life.

Nature simply cannot digest plastic waste(and nor should it) and this is why the earth and water channels are becoming global garbage cans. To protect our future, we still have time to clear up the appalling damage we have done. Scientists estimate we have 12 years left to fix this (this isn’t very long at all).

Every year we celebrate World Ocean Day on 8th June, the World Environment Day on 5th June and World Earth Day on 22nd April to honor, protect and conserve our shared environment. We should all pledge every week, month and year to use more alternatives to maintain the cleanliness of our towns, countries and ultimately mother earth.


They have implemented a 25-year action plan (2018–2042) to eliminate all avoidable plastic waste. This plan includes:

· Banning Microbeads

· Plastic-Free Aisles in Supermarkets

· Extending the 5p Carrier Bag Tax

· Banning Cotton buds

· Banning plastic Straws

· Cutting Down on Plastic Bottles

· Getting Rid of Disposable Coffee Cups

· Making Industries Take More Responsibility

· Getting Young People Engaged

There are many ways to reduce plastic waste by using alternatives.

Purchase a reusable stainless steel straw for all types of drinks, use reusable bags for all types of shopping, give up chewing gum, reuse containers for storing, use matches instead of disposable plastic lighters, avoid buying frozen foods with plastic packing, make fresh juice instead of buying plastic bottles, stainless steel/glass water bottles,cloth pads or menstrual cups, cloth diapers, eco-friendly travel cutlery, compostable garbage bags, reusable shopping bags, eco-friendly coffee tumblers, beeswax wraps, bamboo toothbrushes and many more!

God has blessed us with this green environment so let’s not be greedy and make an effort NOW to go green because there is no planet B. The UK government is doing its best to protect our environment, but it is also up to us to participate on an individual level. We need to teach our children at home, in the classroom, and through digital media, because the reality is as adults, we won’t see the huge positive changes that need to happen — it will be the younger generation and the generation after them.

So, let’s not laminate the earth in plastic and work together to make small changes which in turn will create huge results. Imagine what the earth will be like in 50 years if we all focus on preserving it………thought provoking isn’t it?

Thank you for reading.

Warm Regards


The Metal Straw
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