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URI (uniform resource locator) is the language to identify a resource in REST system. These URIs if not controlled and structured correctly can grow quickly and can become a housekeeping issue.

Mapping path to a function

There are many libraries out there, which maps a function to the path. REST is designed to use URI as the resource identifier, as the name suggests. According to REST, each URI should represent a unique resource. This resource should be considered an object.

Using path as verbs

Developers often name the URI (in systems they are allowed to) according to the function being performed. For, example /api/users/getUserData is created inside the resource…

Checkout the below reddit post to understand what we are talking about.

You Give REST a Bad Name from r/javascript

REST has proven itself.

REST is same technology browsers use to talk to servers. You can easily find the code in every programming language to make an HTTP call. Building a REST client is easier compared to rolling out your own implementation. It’s simple to understand and scalable since sessions and cookies are not needed. Just because of its a standard, the app knows what is expected by the server and what it can expect in return.

Its all about that Resource

The resource can be any real-world object…

We are releasing version 1.5.3 as a release version. And we are excited about it 🎈 And it has been a constant effort from our team to help developers build REST APIs without much hassle.

As per the change log, following improvements have been done.

  1. Improved MPath
  2. New Output Tag
  3. Search and Other Editor Improvements
  4. Improved Plugin Handling with New SDK
  5. Software Source Code Import/Export
  6. Added File Download over REST

Editor Improvements

Resource Editor is now supports sublime shortcuts like Ctrl+D 🙌 and you can easily search for words with a regex in the editor. …

The journey that lead us to build a REST API Development Tool.

Metamug API Console

Choosing the right tools

It was 2013. I was making a webapp using Java for the backend for my personal project.

People will tell you to use their favorite server-side language since they are good at it. Actually, you can pick and choose any of them to start off with your backend development. Everything has its pros and cons. Scripting languages like Python, PHP, and NodeJS allow faster development but slow on performance as compared to compiled languages like Java or C#.

I extensively used JQuery, since it was the most popular…

Metamug API Console

The Cost-Sensitive Market

A tool is what saves your money and time. This is the prime motivation for us to build this tool. We live in a price sensitive market. A lot of app development plans are put on hold due to cost. We talk to a lot of people who want to build apps for their business, web, mobile, and desktop. They want to reach their customers better on all platforms. The requirements are somewhat the same for most customers still the development cost quoted by developers is high.

What makes the cost go up?

Apps are built by developers and finding the right developer for the job…


REST API server for the full stack developers. Build APIs with SQL

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