Understanding Male Depression Through the Lens of 4chan
Tabitha Prisinzano

4chan users and red-pilled men overall have largely rejected the concept of toxic masculinity, which is the idea that there are certain societal concepts that surround masculinity that could be harmful to men, such as glorification of aggression, shame in expressing emotion, parental distance and etc.
The reason many of these red-pilled types have rejected this concept is because they simply misunderstand its purpose. They believe toxic masculinity seeks to demonize ordinary male behavior, such as rowdiness in young boys, when in reality, the concept exists to help men.

The very phrase toxic masculinity is demonizing…of masculinity, of men. It doesn’t exist to “help men.” It’s used when, say, one man sexually assaults a woman. It’s perfectly analogous to using a phrase like “toxic negricity” when a black man robs a liquor store or a group of them talks too loud on the subway.

Telling women to be chaste and submit to their husbands is just as easily a concept that exists to help women. The bottom line is, no man likes the phrase “toxic masculinity.” Think about why that is the case.

In conclusion, the prevalence of internet trolls suggests a deep problem in society with the way we treat male depression and mental health in general.

You spend most of the article criticizing men and framing serial killers as heroes to men who are joking on anonymous boards, and then you conclude that we simply need to treat mental health better. Why is mental health an issue in the first place? Could it have to do with concepts like “toxic masculinity” or the fact that girls are allowed into the Boy Scouts?

Every day I’m just dumbstruck by what I read on here.