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Methadone is an opioid which is used for treating chronic drug abusers. It is considered as an ideal medication for treating addiction of drugs. As compared to other morphine drugs, methadone works for long period of time, therefore it is extensively prescribed to abusers for pain relief and detoxification therapy. Some precautions need to be observed while taking the medication.

Precautions for methadone use

  • It should be stored in a safe and secure place away from the reach of children
  • If patient is facing any suggestive symptoms of arrhythmia then immediately consult the physician
  • Don’t consume alcohol and other CNS depressants while taking Methadone as it can result in addictive CNC depression for the patient
  • Use of methadone medication can hamper the mental and physical abilities of the patient therefore one shouldn’t perform the risky tasks like driving vehicles or operating machinery.
  • Male patients treated with methadone treatment report the problem of reduction in ejaculation volume.

Benefits of using Methadone

  • The medication provides immense relief from the withdrawal symptoms and keeps the addicts away from the use of opiates.
  • The treatment program is cost effective as compare any other treatments and offer effective results in relieving pain.
  • Perfectly works in treating addiction and offer long lasting relief to the patient.
  • Methadone play well in blocking the euphoric effects of other opioids

This medication comes in two forms that include liquid and tablets and can be consumed by dissolving in water or taken with juice. It is important to store it in high quality leak-proof PET bottles for its safe storage and long use. The bottles should be made of finest quality material which will not react with the chemical composition of the methadone while storing it for long period of time.

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