The average household of four members is expected to spend nearly $500 more in 2020.

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Increased Food Prices

Many have noticed the not-so-subtle price increase on all sorts of food items in the grocery stores in the past several months. The food prices in Canada have been steadily climbing over the years, and will rise up to 4% this year alone. The average household of four members is expected to spend nearly $500 more in 2020. The vast majority of Canadians believe food prices are rising at a faster rate than their household earnings according to a survey by Dalhousie University in Halifax..

Food price inflation rates average 1–2% annually, and the stark jump this…

“everyone loves a conspiracy”- Dan Brown

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We all know at least one person who is an avid conspiracy theorist. Whether you are a hardcore conspiracy theorist, occasionally dabble in it, find them entertaining, or flat-out discount them, we cannot overlook the significance it has in our society today — especially in the era of the internet and social media.

Briefly, a conspiracy is defined as a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful. So, if a group of junior high school friends planned to harm one of their schoolmates via bullying of any form, that’s a conspiracy. …

“by doubting we are led to question by questioning we arrive at the truth” Peter Abelard
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The Montgomery bus boycott was a well known event that occurred as a result of Rosa Parks’ arrest for refusing to give up her seat to a white person on a segregated bus in 1955. Guess what, there’s a Canadian version which happened a decade earlier, and her name is Viola Desmond.

Viola Desmond was a black businesswoman who challenged racial segregation at a movie theatre in Nova Scotia in 1946. She refused to leave a whites-only area in the theatre and was convicted with a minor tax violation for the one-cent difference between the seat she purchased, which was…

“thousands have lived without love, not one without water” W. H. Auden

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Water is life. We depend on it in every conceivable way. Water scarcity is a global crisis affecting billions of people in every continent. Some parts of the world are seeing devastating droughts, especially with the advent of climate change. While others’ water supply is being poisoned by toxic wastes created and dumped by big corporations. If you are living in Canada — especially in urban areas like the major cities — consider yourself incredibly privileged.

Canada happens to be a water-rich country with 7% percent of the world’s renewable freshwater available to a population that is half a per…


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