Can you predict your own future?

The 11th of December 2017 marks the 9th anniversary of our landing in Australia. “Our” is me and my family with my wife and my two daughters, 11 and 9 at the time.

The first 2 years were quite normal though exciting because of the new environment and continent.

But, the next seven years were completely unexpected, wicked and unpredictable.

Let me share with you, why.

Imagine someone (let’s call him Mr.X) tells you beginning of 2011:

“In the next seven years,…”. And I add my responses.

Mr.X: “… you will publish six books for yourself and your clients.”

Me: “No way. I would be excited to publish one in my lifetime, let alone in another language or for other people.”

Mr.X: “… you will start Kite-Surfing and love it.”

Me: “Really? I have never done anything with wind or water in the last 40 years.”

Mr.X: “… you will lose your job more than once.”

Me: “No way. I have worked for just two employers in the last 20 years. I am loyal and I deliver.”

Mr.X: “… you will embark on your spiritual journey.”

Me: “Not really. I hardly believe in god. Why would you get into this foofoo stuff?”

Mr.X: “… you will run 10+ virtual events with thousands of participants. And in the process, you will even save lives because of what people learn from your speakers.”

Me: “What will I do? I have no idea what you are talking about. But saving lives sounds good.”

Mr.X: “… you will turn vegan.”

Me: “Why would I do that? I love my steaks and cheese.”

Mr.X: “… end of 2013, you will buy Bitcoins. They will rise 15-fold, but the exchange where you hold them won’t give you access anymore.”

Me: “What are Bitcoins? Sounds pretty messy.”

Mr.X: “… you will live by the beach.”

Me: “That sounds like a dream. Only the super-rich can do that.”

Mr.X: “… you will read 120+ books on personal development and digital disruption over 3+ years.”

Me: “That sounds busy but appealing.”

Mr.X: “… you will celebrate your 20th wedding anniversary with your parent’s 50th wedding anniversary in the same church you got married.”

Me: “We live in Australia and we have never been back to that place. How that?”

Mr.X: “… you will have suicidal thoughts.”

Me: “No way with this life, this wife and these children.”

Mr.X: “… you are going to travel to the US regularly to immerse yourself in the new world of online and online marketing.”

Me: “Sounds appealing but I have to work.”

Mr.X: “… you are going to have a dog.”

Me: “No way. I don’t like dogs (or the p… to be exact).”

Mr.X: “… you are going to interview amazing individuals like global thought-leaders, serial entrepreneurs, multi-millionaires and other very successful people.”

Me: “No way. How would I get access to these people?”

Mr.X: “… you will reach a point where you struggle to pay the bills.

Me: “No way. I am working hard, saving money and have great earning potential.”

Mr.X: “… you will read Eckhart Tolle’s book ‘A New Earth’ more than 8-times which makes it your most read book.”

Me: “Why would I read one book so often? And I didn’t get his book when I first looked at it.”

Mr.X: “… you will go through a 15 months period where nothing in your business is going to work.”

Me: “Me? I always make things happen. That’s not going to occur!”

Mr.X: ” … you will wear an amulet to balance your energy.”

Me: “Again this foofoo stuff. No thanks.”

Mr.X: “…you will run half-marathons on a regular basis.”

Me: “Cannot imagine that. I like a 5k run but not more.”

Mr.X: “… you will create amazing content and frameworks and present in front of large audiences. And they will get a lot of value out of what you share.”

Me: “Me? Frameworks are for top-management consultants. How can I come up with something unique?”

Yes, you guessed it right. Everything Mr.X told me at the end of 2008 became true. Only that there was no Mr.X.

And there was probably even more, he could have told me.

So, when that much can happen in only seven years, how can you predict what’s going to happen going forward in a world that is changing must faster?

I don’t know. But that’s what I am obsessed with to find answers.

Last week, I had a conversation with my life-mentor. He made an interesting comment: “Michael, think about it. You are at an amazing point in your life. You have a blank canvas to fill. Your children are grown up. You can do whatever you like. You and your wife can live wherever it works for you. Yes, you might not have the funds but you have the freedom. And most importantly, you have so unique experiences to share. What about you live your life as an ‘open-source’ life.”

So, I thought about it.

And this post is the first result.

What are your moments you couldn’t predict or expect?

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