Dear Ammosexuals,

(Obligatory meme is obligatory)

I know you have this idea that somehow you’re making us all “safer” by walking around flashing a gun at your hip, swaggering down the sidewalk like you’re Clint Eastwood and John Wayne’s love child. I know you’re convinced that you’re packing that piece for our safety, that you’re the “good guy with a gun” that you’ve been taught will save everyone if something goes bad.

You stand there beating your chest about how it’s your right to carry a gun openly, and how the laws restricting that right are wrong and unfair to you (while ignoring the ones who actually are harmed by the laws) but ignore just how unsafe you’re making everyone around you feel. You claim you’re the defender of the people, but in reality we’re scrambling for our phones and hoping we can call 911 fast enough to make sure you don’t shoot the person you’re screaming at in Walmart.

I’ve lost count how many times I’ve watched a white (usually middle aged) man with a shiny gun on his hip yelling at and in many cases chasing down someone who is trying to disengage from the man who is quickly reaching for his gun. Every time I see a gun at someone’s hip I don’t feel safer, I feel on edge and frightened because statistically speaking, the white man in front of me is way more likely to be the one to start shooting than the darker skinned person they’ve deemed “the enemy” of the moment.

You’re not protecting anyone!

And what’s worse is that when people discuss common sense gun reform, even things such as education, insurance, or licensing, you lose your shit and scream at us about your rights. I’ve had full grown men inches from my face screaming at me about their rights and how they’re “protecting me” from…themselves? Because the person in my face and damaging my calm isn’t some random evil doer, it’s the white man with a gun who is shouting about his rights in my face.

While I can’t say what is going on in your head, if you’re just so afraid of the world around you that you feel that you need to carry around a weapon that can kill multiple people within seconds, if you’re convinced that they’re all out to get you and you need to get them first, or you have some sort of hero complex that needs discussing, I want to tell you here and now that walking around with a shiny gun that is more lovingly caressed than your intimate partner is not helping your image. What you’re doing is showing the world that you’re compensating for something. You’re showing the world that you’re a frightened little man who would rather make those around him feel as fearful as he feels instead of trying to find out why he’s so fearful.

And your reaction to ANY discussion about guns, education, or trying to deal with the absurd levels of gun deaths in the United States shows us all that the only person you care about is yourself.