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Please stop erasing trans men from trans issues

Small rant:
If you’re going to talk about how trans positive you are / how supportive you are of trans people…


Seriously, I am happy seeing trans women are being told they’re supported, but we need support too. Trans rights mean the rights of all trans people, not just trans women. Trans men are often erased both from reproductive issues as well as trans issues.

This isn’t some “What about the men?” bullshit either. This is about people who are constantly glossed over (unless they pass or somehow get famous), who are stuck dealing with female issues even when they aren’t women, and who are too often silenced when they speak up. This is about people who are forced to deal with “women’s” issues (periods, reproductive issues, etc), which can lead to even worse dysphoria, who get told they’re taking the “easy way out” of dealing with female oppression. This is about people who are often ignored when it comes to issues involving their reproductive organs (ex: reproductive rights, pregnancy, cancer). I could go on for days about the stuff we’re basically told to “deal with” since we’re men (how’s that for enforcing the whole toxic view of masculinity and manhood?) but the point stands.

Stop ignoring trans men when you speak about trans rights. We deserve to exist just as much as trans women, and I know I’m getting REALLY tired of feeling like I’m some invisible non-existent creature of myth. I actually feel bad speaking up about this topic because I know it will be viewed by many as a man demanding attention over women. When I lived as a woman, I had to fight tooth and nail for my spot, to even be recognized.

It hasn’t changed since coming out.

The only thing that’s changed is now people have yet another way to dismiss me and other trans men.

We deserve a place in this.
We deserve recognition.
We deserve support.

And above all, we deserve to be not pushed under the rug and ignored until we “pass” in your eyes. So please, if you’re going to say you support trans people, and trans rights, stop excluding trans men from the conversation.