The BMI is complete horse puckey

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BMI Chart

Now for those of you in the US, I know you’ve heard of the BMI (Not the music group, I’m talking about the Body Mass Index) if you’ve ever gone in for a check up. …

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MAJOR CWs for trans violence. I’m not proud of what I did in my past, but I’m sharing it in the hopes that others can learn from it. Also CWs for dysphoria, genital mentions, discussion of transphobia and misogyny.

I grew up during the 80s and 90s, and while there have been trans people well before then, and even some who had been able to transition through hormones and surgery, it was a topic that was not discussed. Being gay/lesbian was barely a topic that could be brought up by the time I was 10, and even then not without a lot of stigma and bigotry against those people due to the HIV/AIDS crisis on top of the lies told about them that we’re now seeing pushed on trans people. …

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: This paper discusses looking to Native American psychology to critique Western forms of psychology. It should be stated that the author is not themselves Native American, and that they are not trying to claim as such through this paper.

Mental healthcare and support have been a part of my life since before I’d turned six years old. I found myself moving from therapist to therapist as I grew up, unable to understand why I was treated so differently by my peers and the adults around me. I’d get asked to talk about my thoughts and what I saw, only to be put on a new medication or sent to a new therapist who could properly treat my mental illness. …


Michea B

Trans masc author of “The Guardian’s Ascension” and owner of Illuminatus Design. Media inquiries: TheMicheaB (at) gmail (dot) com

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