Draft Day Musings

Much of what we read is mere speculation at this time of the year, speculation or not this is one of the most exciting times of the season. This is the Ball draft, the draft that ends the process, and one filled with spectres (manoeuvrings with Lebron’s free agency in mind, Paul George and the Celtics). It doesn’t matter if you are a member of a front office, the media or a fan there is enough to keep you involved. This has got to be the most entertaining draft period in years.

Lonzo Ball

Lavar, I mean Lonzo’s name is going to be called early on draft night. Lonzo’s dad said that he was better than Steph, yep he really said that. These utterances along with several other incredulous statements have us wondering, if he was practicing for a comedy hour?. Lonzo is not better than Stephen Curry! Lonzo might not even be the best point guard in the draft, correction Lonzo isn’t the best point guard in the draft. Yes it is a one game snap shot, but still Fox owned him in the tournament. What I like most about De’Arron Fox is his apparent hunger. The game seems to matter to the kid, I have no problem envisioning in the gym making hundreds of catch and shoot and off the dribble three’s. His teary reaction to Kentucy’s tournament elimination wildly deferred from Lonzo’s unemotional I am heading to NBA press conference. I don’t know about you but I like to see when players care and Fox’s tears told a big story. Faceless general managers who have never heard of TMZ, social media, reality tv, vlogs and television sports debate shows think that Lavar won’t be a problem. A little advice to the Lakers, Lonzo is Holywood but you don’t want that “Holywood”.

Draft Lottery

1. Markel Fultz. The Sixers finally have a point guard to go along with Saric, Simmons and Embiid. How are they not a younger version of the Warriors? Getting older is the only thing left on the Sixers agenda. Where does Okafor end up tonight? Atlanta? Orlando? He is definitely the name to watch on the Sixers roster.

2. DeÁaron Fox. Yep Fox is the second pick off the board. Why? He has the kind of skill and presence that will resonate in LA. The Lakers do not need a card board cut out with a mouth piece. They need a high energy, skilled and funny player that can engage the media and excite fans. Fans might be hoping Lonzo here,but Fox is the right answer.

3. Ahh Danny Boy, What do the Celtics do here? Trade for Jimmy Butler, nope too expensive. The Celtics have been poised to make a big move for a while now. Tonight they finally pull the trigger. The Celtics trade Jae Crowder, Zizic, Avery Bradley, the number 3 and the Sixers 2019 first rounder for Porzingis and Mello. The Knicks get their two first rounders, two ready to play veteran starters and a spot starter in Zizic. The Celtics finally get their go to star along with a transitionary star. What is not to love about this deal?

4. The Phoenix Suns select Tatum to go along with Booker and Chriss. The Suns package Eric Bledsoe, Alex Len and the 32nd pick for Andre Drummond and the number 12 pick.

5. The Sacramento Kings select Lonzo Ball with the 5th pick. Ball joins and exciting young core of Hield and Labissiere. Not quite the California the Lavar was expecting, but which team is better for a reality show star than Sacramento?

6. The Orlando Magic select Jonathan Issacs. Isaacs has tremendous upside and that is what the Magic need now. If the Magic don’t make this selection expect to see the pick, Elfred Payton and Nikola Vucevic moved for a player like LeMarcus Aldridge and the Spurs 1st rounder.

7. The Timberwolves take Malik Monk with 7th pick. The Timberwolves need bench shooting and Monk provides that.

8. With the eight pick in the draft the Knicks select point guard Frank Ntilikina. He read Eleven Rings why not take him? Kid is a fan.

9. The Dallas Mavericks are accustomed to seven footers Europe who shoot so they grab Markkanen

10. The Sacramento Kings with the tenth pick select Luke Kennard. Lonzo needs more shooters to pass too doesn’t he.

11. The Charlotte Hornets select Dennis Smith Jr with the eleventh pick. An old school point guard and an old school centre. Charlotte will be playing 90’s basketball this year.

12. The Phoenix Suns select Donovan Mitchell. In basketball we play on both sides of the ball. Mitchell really helps the Suns defence.

13. The Nuggets gamble by selecting Terrence Fergusson with the 13th pick. Fergusson is a superb athlete who will fit in nicely with the Nuggets young core.

14. The Heat select the ultimate hit or miss prospect Harry Giles.

It wouldn’t be shocking to see Paul George find his way to the Lakers for some package of players and picks. If it isn’t the Lakers then it is picks. A good candidate to watch is still Cleveland, the summer of Lebron is coming and this could be their last run, a one year rental fits in with that thinking.

Jimmy Butler is likely to get traded closer to the deadline if the Bulls are struggling, right now the asking price is too high. Though a team like the Wolves could potentially package Zach Lavine, Kris Dunn, and future picks for him. The major question would be how much do the Bulls like Lavine? Kris Dunn isn’t long for Minnesota so a deal involving him wouldn’t be surprising. He underwhelmed last year so his low stock prevents him from returning good value. Though, he could potentially be a steal for Sacramento who could trade him for the tenth pick. All this happens if Lonzo doesn’t fall to them and Fox goes before the fifth pick.

Denver is another team with a stock pile of trade assets. They could find themselves in the mix tonight. Some team, we are looking at you Indiana and Cleveland could need a third pick to facilitate a block buster trade? Couldn’t Love end up in Denver? George in Cleveland? and Wilson Chandler, Emmanuel Mudiay and Kenneth Faried end up in Indiana?

We couldn’t end our draft look without mentioning Houston. Darryl alway’s finds a way to get involved.

Let’s get the pop corn ready, tonight is going to be a riot.

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