Hello world!

When I set up my new blog, WordPress did its usual thing of creating a sample post, titled “Hello world!”. Usually if I was writing my first post on a new blog I would delete this and replace it with a post with a more relevant title. But given the subject of this blog is learning programming, and “Hello World!” is the traditional first program for a novice to write, it seemed appropriate to keep it here.

I’m not a complete newcomer to programming — I’ve picked it up and dropped it countless times over the last decade or so. My current attempt at learning has been on the go, albeit sporadically, for around a year. When you consider I’m just at the stage of getting to grips with fairly basic JavaScript, that’s slow going. Maybe writing a blog about it will speed things up. Maybe it’ll slow things down — I find it hard enough to find time to follow a course, without the additional effort of blogging about it. But the time is there, I just need to make sure I put it to good use and focus on my learning.

The course I’m following is The Complete Web Developer Course 2.0 from Rob Percival. It claims you can go from beginner to expert in six weeks, but that would require dedication far greater than I’ve shown so far. The parts which I’ve completed so far — giving a grounding in HTML, CSS and JavaScript — have been enjoyable, and I’m currently nearing the end of the jQuery section, which has opened my eyes to the workings of many of the websites I’ve seen using it.

I’m making no promises, to myself or anyone else, about how frequently I’ll post here. My hope is that I’ll become more focused on progressing through the course, and be inspired to write about each completed section, leading to a cycle of encouragement in which I learn and write more and more as I build up momentum. Let’s see how it goes.

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