oh yeah huh


I am where I am (ad agency-ish place) today because of Mad Men. There was one scene where Don Draper holds a lit cigarette in his mouth while cooking over the stove. I wanted to emulate greatness.

In the end, I underestimated how hot smoke is when it’s burning inches below your eyes.

Beach Sports

Guys, I have a great idea!

It’s like normal soccer, but everyone stays in crabwalk position!! New is always so exciting!!!

In the end, we underestimated how much more sand would get kicked into our eyes.

For America

Several friends and I rented out a farm in Vermont for the July 4th weekend. One of the games I came up with was called “1776”, where we have 17 minutes and 76 seconds to drink 50 beers. I was so excited to share this with my friends, with my country. It was going to be the most patriotic thing I had ever done.

In the end, I underestimated how boring it was to stand there, burping and chugging, watching other people burp and chug.

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