A Reminder Of Who I Am and Who You Are

Everything begins at some point. It starts by a tiny steps, gets bigger as you stroll, eventually it gets you somewhere.

It begins again, it stops at some point but eventually it came back again. A deep rooted plants that got picked, left deep rooted root that abandoned for a long time, and it grows again. It popped onto the surface.

An idea, an unspoken words, an emotion that been abandoned disappears, dissipate, and scattered into the smallest pieces.

Assembled again.

It came back. Like an old bad habit that you chose to bury. Not fully, you just busy doing another thing that you love. You love so many things, we chase so many achievement. But in the end something is worth doing because how bad is it, it never become bad because you love it as it is.

Don’t get me wrong it’s not always good and you should say FUCK TO THOSE WHO DON’T LIKE IT. It is always good, believe me it is. But you have to remember it’s not for everyone, and everyone doesn’t need to like it. An idea is never wrong or bad. But is it need to be appropriated or is it appropriate.

This is a post about a new start for me to write on Medium after started writing in blogs like friendster blog, Blogspot that eventually become Blogger. I skipped Steller because it felt too good for writing. It’s great and looks totally awesome but i think i need to do more than writing on that medium. There’s this urge to write and put really great photo to make it look best. But then, here it is me writing again after years of self encouraging myself to write again until this time it felt like not a burden.

The writing stops for several years because writing needs certain mood to do it. It needs me to be in a mood that is borderline sad, and angry. At those time i read about aikido and zen that helps me to let those sadness, anger, and angst went off. But it then came back again sad, happy, hate, love, i would be happy to write things down. Because i believe it’s not about an obligation but a way to transfer an idea. Plant it in the head of the reader, and make the reader see things differently. It has so much impact on the readers life, and eventually it becomes life changing.

A reminder, an encouragement to keep writing.

A reminder of who i am, and who you are.