Snake Oil

So in today’s budget, I expect to be told by Mr Osborne of the burgeoning economic health of the UK. After all, he’s been in sole command of the nation’s finances for the past 6 years and despite whatever Tory spin can make of the previously received accounts under Gordon Brown I'm glad that the price we've paid in austerity has been worth it to recover.

All the libraries closed, disabled people bankrupted and unemployed demonised can rest easily now that their sacrifices made have been worth it to rectify the finances and “fix the roof”.

I'm sure the mega rich will be glad too as they've taken a hammering throughout austerity and barely increased their wealth by 10000%.

Osborne did claim that he would have the books balanced by the end of his first term and that’s over two years overdue, so surely now Austerity must be over?

Because nothing less will cut it. Osborne’s point of justifying the slashing of local government and welfare budget hinges on the basis that despite the horrific suffering he’s causing, he can make the figures add up at the end and deliver his budget surplus.

His dramatic retelling of Gordon Brown’s incompetence when faced with a global economic crisis depends on his ability to face the same and do better. He has to be able to perform miracles and not just rely on the OBR’s readjusted measurements figures to save him this time.

If he can’t then all the Tory spin on Labour’s economic record is exposed as clear as day and they must accept the previous government were not the incompetent buffoons they have made them out to be unless they are willing to be tarred with the same brush.

Furthermore, it exposes Tory austerity for what it truly is — an ideological attack on the welfare state and NHS driven purely to privatise the country’s wealth for the benefit of the few and not the rest of us.

Personally, I’ve had enough of Mr Osborne’s bitter medicine.