College Decisions That Must Be Made

Congratulations to all the graduates of 2016. You have now entered in the belly of the beast. That’s right, the real world. Some of you may be lost still and others may have a full fledged plan. This is the truth; no plan will undertake the journey you’re about to embark. It’s time to develop a strategy. Here are three decisions you must make in order to set a foundation for your future. Don’t believe us? Ask the fifty year old man sitting on the rocking chair saying “if I knew then what I knew now.”

  1. Establish income and learn the language of money.

The last thought before going to bed should not be bills. Therefore, establish a solid job/career. Don’t pick a job for security either. Time wasted is time you’ll never get back. If you want to be an attorney you should try finding a job as a clerk in a law office or a paralegal. Pick something relative in your field so it helps you grow in your career. It seems like common sense, but imagine the people you know who do this. Also, understand that money will have an everlasting effect on EVERYTHING. Still don’t know what it’s like to take out a loan on a car or a house? Time to teach yourself other wise you will be taken advantage of. The internet is at your disposal. If you’re going to be living in your home for a few years its time to take out a mortgage and stop paying rent. So within a few years you can grow passive income. Understanding that ordinary income is taxed the most will teach you that having different incomes is imminent.

2. Take RISKS.

You ever had an idea that could change the world? What’s stopping you? The hours that will make a difference in your life will be after you clock out of work. Ever hear “adults” talk about the long term benefits? Our parent’s generation got wrapped in the cycles of work and can’t afford to get out. You can’t take the same risks at 30 with two kids. That’s why these next few years are golden and should be treated as such. Got a political science degree, but wanted to act? Now is the time! Love your job, but wanted to start your own business? Now is the time! Look back on your life one day and say you did it. Tell your kids that you didn’t sell out your dreams and they should follow theirs. Take RISKS for your future self and your future legacy. This is the most documented time in history; do something your grand kids would be proud of.

3. Study your craft.

Clearly, there is a lot to think about and decide. No matter what happens keep in mind that you must master your craft. Whether it be communications, science, selling, you must sharpen it everyday. There is about 7.5 billion people in the world. You cannot be anything less than the top five percent. Here are some resources you can utilize now: online courses, books, mentors, people’s mistakes, successful people, etc. Life is too short for the nonsense. Find your talents and skills yesterday. Then perfect them.

From The Millennial Academy

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